FunBites Food Cutters Make Eating Fun

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As a mom of little ones I’m always looking for fun and exciting ways to get my children to eat. My toddler will eat just about anything you put in front of her, but my 5 year old is an extremely picky eater. She doesn’t like to eat anything that isn’t cut into small pieces, and she will sometimes pitch a fit if she doesn’t have “crazy pieces”. In our house “crazy pieces” are pieces of food cut into shapes. One day it may be triangles, the next squares, but her food has to be cut into shapes.

I don’t mind cutting my children’s food into shapes if that makes them happy, but sometimes this busy Mama doesn’t want to stand at the counter cutting every single piece into precise little shapes while my toddler is hanging from my leg and screaming. FunBites food cutters are saving the day!

funbites food cutters

These handy food cutters were developed by a mom with a picky eater just like mine as a way to get her picky child to try new things and eat her food. Guess what? It worked, and now FunBites Food Cutters are available to help the rest of us who need something to get that picky eater to actually eat!

FunBites has won 12 awards including the 2014 Product of the Year for Creative Child and has been featured in magazines including Parenting. If you’re a fan of Shark Tank like we are you may have seen FunBites featured on Shark Tank!

Available in multiple color options and 3 different shapes, there is a FunBites food cutter to make any picky child happy.FunBites Food Cutters

FunBites are also a great way to prepare lots of food for parties in a very short amount of time. We received one FunBites food cutter to use while preparing food for our DisneySide Celebration we hosted last month as well as one FunBites to give away as a door prize to our guests. I used the square FunBites food cutter to prepare bite size pieces of food for our 2-7 year old guests, and everyone loved them! We placed the little cheese squares in single serve containers so each kid could grab their own serving of cheese without messy little fingers touching all the food. Moms were excitedly asking where they could buy a FunBites food cutter for their kids!

Cheese Squares from FunBites food cutter

I love how easy these food cutters are to use. Just separate the 2 Funbites pieces, set the cutter over the food and push down. Rock the cutter back and forth a few time to slice food. Then insert the top piece to push the food out of the cutter. The handles on the side of the cutter make it easy to cut food without slipping. FunBites are dishwasher safe and BPA free, so cleanup is a snap!

If you have a picky eater of your own or need a quick way to cut food into bite sizes pieces for parties check out FunBites! This handy little food cutting tool may be just what you need!

#beBRCAware About BRCA Gene Mutations

I received $150 from AstraZeneca, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/AstraZeneca.

We all know how devastating cancer can be. If you ask a group of people if cancer has effected their lives in any way most will say they have either lost a loved one to cancer or have their own cancer experience to share.

#beBRCAware and STAY STRONG!
Women are constantly reminded how important it is to get screened for breast cancer. We reach a certain age when mammograms become a part of life. We subject ourselves to dreaded pap smears to check for many things including cervical cancer. Sometimes a paps smear can detect ovarian cancer, but it’s not a definitive early detection tool.

Do You Know About BRCA?

We all know early detection can be critical, but did you know that the genes commonly associated with breast cancer, BRCA1 and BRCA2 are also associated with ovarian cancer? What many women don’t know about these genes is that approximately 15% of women with ovarian cancer test positive for BRCA gene mutations.1,2

Know your BRCA status

The Facts About BRCA and Ovarian Cancer:

  • Women with BRCA gene mutations have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.4
  • In the general population, 1.4 percent4 of women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, while up to 40 percent of women with BRCA 1/2 mutations will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime.5
  • An estimated 15% of ovarian cancers are linked to BRCA mutations.1,2
  • BRCA gene mutations can play a key role in serous ovarian cancer, the most common form of ovarian cancer.6
  • Nearly one half of women with ovarian cancer who are BRCA-positive have no significant family history of breast or ovarian cancer.7

Is There a BRCA Test?

Yes! Testing for a BRCA gene mutation is not only available but recommended for all women with epithelial ovarian cancer3. The simple blood or saliva test can be performed in your physician’s office or local lab, and the test is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances. Testing is crucial because it can affect how your physician chooses to manage your ovarian cancer should you already have it or develop it.

Are you dealing with ovarian cancer, or do you know someone who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Take a few minutes to visit There you will find information about diagnosis, BRCA gene testing, and treatment plans. There are even support networks that can help you through your journey if you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or alert you to what you should know about BRCA and ovarian cancer.

Dealing with cancer is tough for anyone, but with a great support network and the right tools it can be overcome. Knowing your own risks is the first step to finding the treatment that is right for you. If you or a loved one has experienced ovarian cancer what advice would you give others who are also dealing with an ovarian cancer diagnosis?


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