Enjoy a Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars Coupon & Giveaway #MySweetRewards #Sponsored 68

We’ve been so busy lately I sometimes only have a few moments to unwind. Some days I’m on my feet from the time we all awake until well after midnight. Other days I feel like all I do is rush around all day in my car. After a day like that all I want to do is enjoy a little reward for making it through the day. Luckily when I stopped by Publix earlier in the evening I grabbed a sweet reward for myself. I picked up a box of each of the 3 new flavors of Betty Crocker Sweet […]

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A Fun BINGO Twist for Your Next Family Party 1

Family parties and family reunions are a great way to bring generations of young and old together, especially when family members have moved away and can’t get together very often. These types of gatherings often feature a large number of relatives and their children, and while it can be fun for adults children are often bored or uneasy meeting many relatives they may not know. We usually have a few smaller family gatherings throughout the year and one large reunion so those who live farther away have a chance to attend. I often notice children, especially my own, act really […]

Cut Out Overwhelming Toy Clutter With Pley 1

What is the one thing that clutters your home the most? For us, it’s the massive amount of toys my kids have amassed, especially after the holidays. This wasn’t such a big issue when we only had 1 child and a play room. These days we have double the toys, plus the play room had to be converted to a bedroom leaving us with less space for toy clutter. And what’s the worst part? My girls don’t play with half of the toys they own on a regular basis. By the time we sort through everything they are either no […]




Educational shows full of fun and adventure are huge hits in our house, and I’ve got a new one to share with you today. The Wild Kratts have a new DVD out that hit shelves on January 5th, and it’s definitely a must have if you have a little Wild Kratts fan in your household. My oldest daughter and my nephew are both practically obsessed with Wild Kratts, and “Wild KRATTS: AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURES” is the DVD to watch while unwinding from a long day at school right now.  The WILD KRATTS: AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURES DVD: The “WILD KRATTS: AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURES” released on […]

Glade Limited Edition Winter Collection Scents

Do you have a favorite scent for your home throughout the year, or do you like to experience new scent profiles throughout the year? I’m a big fan of seasonal scents, and some of my favorite scents hit the market during the Winter months. This year I’m super happy about the Glade Limited Edition Winter Collection. This collection is full of holiday scents, winter florals, and spicy scents sure to leave your home smelling wonderful throughout the winter months. Even though we have passed the holiday season, we are barely a month into Winter. We have plenty of days left […]

glade limited edition winter collection