5 Things That Make the Carry on Backpack Awesome

While most families are preparing for their children to go back to school, we’re enjoying our new homeschool life. One of my favorite perks is the ability to travel when rates are cheaper and the most popular destinations are no longer packed. By traveling in the “off season”, we have been able to split our vacation fund into a few different trips instead of one Summer trip.

One of the most important assets any traveler can have is their backpack, so while some are buying backpacks to head back to school, we’re investing in backpacks for travel.  Your backpack carries all your worldly possessions when you’re on the road and more importantly keeps them safe. If you enjoy camping and hiking like we do, having a very reliable backpack that you trust to keep your things dry is vital. After using different backpacks over the years, I’ve come to love the Carry on Backpack. It’s superior to most other bags on the market and is something that you can rely on. Here are five things that make the carry on backpack awesome.

Here are five things that make the carry on backpack awesome.

1# It Always Fits as Carry On Luggage:

As the name suggests, this backpack meets the criteria for a carry-on luggage on every airline in the world. Frequent flyers know that most budget airlines like to charge extra to check your bags in, and that quite a few of them have strict requirements for cabin bags. You don’t have to worry about this happening when with the Carry On Backpack.

2# It’s Very Spacious:

The next thing that makes the Carry On Backpack awesome is that it’s both compact and spacious. This means you’re certain to fit all your essentials inside when you travel. With an expandable capacity of up to 45 liters (1.8 cubic feet), you won’t have to make the decision of which things you need to leave at home.

3# You Can Customize the Bag:

Having a bland backpack can make any traveler feel a little boring. It may not suit your fashion style and doesn’t reflect your personality. So, having something that you can change and customize to your own needs is perfect. You can change the colors of the leather and switch up the style depending on where you are and what you’re using the bag for.

4# Anyone Can Use This Backpack:

Some bags that you see in the shops are more geared towards either men or women. Most men won’t buy a backpack that looks a bit feminine and women don’t want bags that are boring and more suitable for men. This backpack can be used by both men and women and it doesn’t have any defining characteristics. As mentioned above, you can also change the style depending on if it’s you or your partner that’s carrying it.

5# Versatility:

The final, and most important, point is that this bag is versatile. You can use it for backpacking around South East Asia or take it to a business meeting. It can be worn on your back with two straps or alternatively, it can also be used as a shoulder bag. You can switch between these in a matter of minutes giving you the flexibility for whatever you want to do.

The Bottom Line:

The Carry On Backpack is one of the latest and greatest travel bags currently available on the market. This bag is both functional, stylish, and perfect for any traveler. If you love to travel like we do, invest in a great backpack that will last you for years to come. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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  1. Now this is something I can use! I need to take lots of prescription medications and they take up a lot of room. This backpack looks spacious enough for them and my clothing as well.