Release your Inner-Nerd: Awesome Gadgets and Apps to Satisfy the Minds of Science and Weather Geeks

It’s difficult to find gifts people will like. It’s awkward to both give and get that which we don’t want. Sure, it’s the thought that counts but you can’t count the number of times you’ve seen flashes of disappointment. My husband always says I’m so hard to shop for. I’m not shy about my interests, and I blatantly point out things I want all the time. For instance, I’m a weather geek, so much so that family and friends watch the weather report then call me to see if I agree! Here are a few apps, gadgets, and tools that make great gifts for weather lovers like myself!

Release your Inner-Nerd: Awesome Gadgets and Apps to Satisfy the Minds of Science and Weather Geeks

Release your Inner-Nerd: Awesome Gadgets and Apps to Satisfy the Minds of Science and Weather Geeks


Comfy Slippers:

Science says you should make a room cool to get to bed but it’s not very comfortable to walk around the home or yard without comfy slippers to keep toes warm. Would if you could make slippers so comfy it would be like wearing a sleeping bag on each foot? It’s been done and the slippers are available at


Water Clock:

Usually, you need to keep clocks away from water, but this one needs it to operate. Fill the back chambers with water and watch the numbers come to life. If you really want to see the recipient geek-out, ask them about hydropower technology. It’s what makes the clock operate.


Clever Weather

Weather geeks obsess over the details. That’s why they need a reliable and concise tool. Weather for Android app is replete with the latest data as well as information for up to seven days. Get the nitty gritty on the wind, rain, and incoming storm systems.


Home Weather System

Weather geeks don’t need to check with the local news to get the weather. They would rather gather data on their own with a home weather system. Allow the recipient to analyze the air quality as well as the weather around them.


Fun Topping

The leaves, rain, and snowfall naturally. However, most bakers manipulate the toppings of cookies, cupcakes, and muffins. That’s not very natural or fun. It would be more entertaining to use the Topping Tornado. The contraption allows kids and adults to load the tray with sprinkles and see them magically whirled atop of baked goods.


Hot Bottom

There is nothing comfortable about sitting somewhere cold. It could happen at home, in the car, at the office, or on the bleachers at your kid’s soccer game. Your friend will never have a cold bottom again. Stick the Lava Seat in the microwave and feel the warmness for hours.


Brass Rooster

Farmers were initially among those who obsessed about the weather. Knowing about storms was necessary to keep livestock safe and to protect crops. Present your weather lover with a brass rooster weathervane. It’s a tip of the cap to farmers of old and your friend’s affinity for the weather.


Personalized Sundial

Most weather geeks know how to read a sundial. Some probably have their own. But how many have a sundial with their name on it? Sure, you could just check your smartphone to see what time it is, but what’s the challenge in that?


Geek Sticker

Many are proud geeks and wished more knew about it. Ensure all of those tailing your friend or family member know they’re a proud weather geek. Give them this self-proclaiming bumper sticker so they can drive with pride.

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  1. Everything else apart, I LOVEEEE comfy slippers. I cant take a step without them since I have very dry feet that hurt and only hurt like anything 🙁 My hunt for the best one’s is still on! Thank you for suggesting a great site, looks like a must shop place 🙂

  2. Good selection of apps. I had always been using default apps that come with the phone. I have given Weather Live Free a try and it is one of the best free weather apps out there. I use it on my Samsung S7 and as well in my iPhone 6s.