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Hello blog. I’m so sorry to have neglected you, but 2017 got off to a really busy start.

I am a blogger, but blogging isn’t my business. Blogging is my hobby. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes I want to walk away for a little while, but in the end, I find my way back to the blog. There’s just something about putting words down that is a calming release no matter what the subject matter may be, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Last year I started a small personalized home decor and vinyl business. I didn’t sit down one night and decide I wanted to jump into the vinyl design world. It just sort of happened. I made a gift for someone who showed it to someone who wanted one. Friends, family, and even friends of friends were calling. Can you paint this farmhouse sign for me? Oh, your husband has some wormy chestnut? Could you make a piece of art for rustic themed dining room? I adore that monogram on your car. Where can I find one? Oh, you made it? I would love one!

And so, JennShuey Designs was born from word of mouth. By Christmas, JennShuey Designs had really taken off, and things haven’t really slowed down at all. I’m not complaining one bit about the sudden influx of customers, but I have been so busy I have neglected to blog. All these doctor appointments for Ben haven’t helped either. (Mini update: Jan 2017 CT showed no new tumors. 6 months down, 54 to go to cancer free!)

Do I want to give up blogging?

Absolutely not. Instead, I need to find a healthy balance.

With that said, I made a list of goals for 2017. The very first thing on the list?

Goal #1: Get organized, and schedule!

I’ve spent many late nights over the last couple of weeks perfecting a schedule that will allow me to grow my business without neglecting my blog or my part in Ben’s business.

Goal #2: Help Ben expand his business’ online presence and update his Facebook more often. 

Ben’s business (otherwise referred to as the family business) is BSC Woodworks and Renovations. He remodels homes, builds additions, and creates custom furniture. He’s not very tech savvy, so his online presence is lacking greatly. It took years to get him on Facebook, and he finally agreed to a Facebook page a few months ago. But, getting him to post an update is like pulling teeth…from my 3-year-old.

We’re still working on this one, but we’ll get there. Thankfully, he works with a great contractor who keeps him pretty busy at the moment, and I’ll slowly work with him to grow his Facebook page.

Goal #2: Create an online presence for my own business.

Honestly, it’s hard to admit that I, the chick who blogs, social media fanatic, have not put my business out there in the online world. I think that’s mostly because I didn’t look at it as an actual business for the first half of the year. When things really took off, I was just too busy to think. A few days ago a friend from Florida called to ask if I had an Etsy or online store because she wants to order her mom a gift.

Oops. I haven’t been practicing what I’ve been preaching to my own husband. So, I quickly created an Etsy store and promised to get some of my products listed asap. I have a small handful of things listed, and I plan to spend the next week adding many of my other products. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all that jazz will be soon to follow.

And in the meantime, you will probably start to see a lot more posts from me that do mention my business.  I even have plans to put together a few tutorials with some free designs. If it gets annoying, please do drop me a note and let me know, but my hope is that my crafty readers will enjoy creating a few thing as much as I will enjoy sharing.



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Jenn is from Upstate, SC, and loves that she gets to work from home to be with her two little girls. Jenn has been happily married to her very own Superman, Ben, for over a decade, and spends her time reading, writing short stories, doing freelance work and blogging, crafting, riding motorcycles, watching Clemson football, and enjoying life with her family.

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