How Black Mold in Your House Can Affect Your Family’s Health

We have had a beautiful mild Winter this year, but there’s a downside. My allergies are already hitting me hard. I know what’s causing my sniffles and sneezes, but do you? If your family seems to be battling sinus troubles, allergies, and other illnesses year round, you might have a dangerous uninvited guest in your home, black mold. Because my husband specializes in home remodels, we’re no strangers to this nasty fungus. He finds black mold in homes on a regular basis, and most homeowners had no idea the mold was in their homes.

How Black Mold in Your House Can Affect Your Family’s Health

What IS Black Mold?

Many people refer to black mold as “toxic mold”, but the term isn’t exactly accurate. The correct term for the fungus is toxigenic, which means that the mold particles can produce mycotoxins. These toxins are extremely dangerous and poisonous, leaving negative effects on someone that has been exposed for an extremely long time. The only solution to getting rid of the dangerous mold in your home is mold remediation, which involves removing the moldy material from the home. That’s why it’s important to have your home tested for mold regularly to prevent serious damage to both your home and your health.

Signs & Symptoms of Black Mold In Your Home:


The first symptom that most people experience when living in a moldy home is a cough. Once the home mold removal process is complete, the cough will go away. Coughing will last for weeks, months, or even years if you do not seek household mold remediation services to remove the mold. For individuals who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it is possible that the symptoms related to these diseases will also be aggravated.

With this said, asthma sufferers will exhibit a cough with wheezing and chest congestion. Most people are not even aware mold in their home is causing a long-term cough and only find out after hiring a household mold removal company.

Memory Loss

Mold particles are breathed in through the mouth and nose, down the respiratory tract. When a mold remediation team comes to your home, they will explain how the moldy particles can affect your family’s health. Most people do not even consider the effects that the toxigenic molds have on the central nervous system, especially the brain.

After years of exposure to the toxigenic mold, you may begin to experience memory loss. This is a long-term effect that cannot be resolved with mold remediation services alone. In fact, if you or someone in your family begins to exhibit memory loss, it is important to tell your physician that the victim has had long-term exposure to toxigenic mold.

Allergic Symptoms

When someone is exposed to toxigenic mold, they will inhale the particles through their nose and mouth. When the particles enter the nasal passages, the victim’s immune system will try to eradicate the foreign objects resulting in allergic-like symptoms, including sneezing, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy nose, itchy eyes, postnasal drip and feeling tired.

Just because you cannot see the mold in your home, doesn’t mean it’s not there. It could be hiding away in a dark corner or other areas such as inside the walls or under carpets. In order for mold to grow in a specific area, there will need to be adequate food, warmth, oxygen and moisture. A home mold remediation team can provide you with a list of sources mold thrives on and more information about how toxigenic mold grows. As soon as you begin to exhibit allergic rhinitis, you should immediately contact a household mold removal contractor.

Foul Odors

Another sign of mold growth is a musty, damp, earthy, pungent or wet odor. If the mold is hiding behind wallpaper or underneath the carpet, strange odors may be lurking throughout the area. While you may not be able to detect these odors because you have become immune to them, a household mold remediation expert will.

If the odors are detected, a household mold removal team will need to tear out the carpet or wallpaper to access to mold. If the moisture damage is extensive, there will be a good chance that the flooring or drywall will also need to be replaced. The longer the moisture buildup or water leak is allowed to go on without being detected, the worse the damage will be. That’s why it’s so important to prevent mold from growing.

How Do Molds Enter The Home

It is almost impossible to prevent mold growth since mold spores occur in the outdoor and indoor environments. The most common entryways for mold spores are doors, windows, ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning units, an outdoor air intake and air duct systems.

When you open your front door or windows, you are welcoming mold spores into your home. However, you can still combat mold growth by keeping the indoor humidity levels to a minimum. If there is a water leak in your home, it will be nearly impossible to prevent mold from growing on the moist surface. If you can catch the water leak before it escalates the risks of mold growth will be much lower. Once the water leak is fixed, you will need to allow the area to dry at, which may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Who Is At A Higher Health Risk?

Individuals with mold allergies or immune disorders will be at a higher risk for health problems associated with mold exposure. If you are someone in your home fits into these categories, it is highly recommended to have your home inspected for signs of mold in your home. These signs can range from visible growth to evidence of water and moisture damage. 

you should not delay contacting a home mold removal team. The team will thoroughly inspect the home, looking for signs that mold is present in your home. These signs can range from visible growth to evidence of water and moisture damage or spores in the air.

What Does A Mold Remediation Team Do?

A mold remediation team tests your home for mold and fixes the problem. They will fix water leaks, tear out the moldy, damaged material and prepare it to be restored. If the mold is a result of moisture damage, you may need to invest in a dehumidifier. This machine is capable of drawing the moisture out of the air, so mold does not have the moisture to feed on.

A moldy home is a danger to every occupant, whether they have been diagnosed with respiratory ailments or not. Healthy people can exhibit long-term effects of mold exposure. It is crucial to act quickly and never procrastinate when it comes to toxigenic mold growth. Remember that mold is incredibly dangerous! Therefore, it is best to always rely on assistance from a professional home mold removal and remediation company to test for and remove the mold in your home before it makes you sick!

Have you found black mold growing in your home? How did it affect your health?

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