Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets Provide Companions for the Elderly

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Some of my favorite memories with my Papa from my childhood involve us sitting at the kitchen table playing board games. He introduced me to Monopoly and taught me how to manage money through the game. We spent hours playing Yahtzee, and Friday nights with my Grandparents and a Scrabble board extended my vocabulary. My Grandparents had a closet stacked full of Hasbro games, so there was always something to play with my Papa. Hasbro has a tradition of creating great play experiences, and the new Joy For All brand is a wonderful addition to the company.

When we weren’t playing board games, I was helping my Papa around the farm, enjoying the time together with him and the animals. There were horses, cows, pigs, and chickens all around, but my Papa always had at least a couple dogs and cats running around for companionship. He has always been a true animal lover in every sense.

Things are much different today. My Papa is 78 years old, and he suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. He kept his beloved animals around until he could no longer care for them due to his health. My Grandma helped as much as she could, but her health is also declining. Thanks to treatments, my Papa is alert, and only suffers from mild memory loss many days, such as today when my Grandma asked him to find a safety pin, and he couldn’t remember what one looks like. Other days, his mind is consumed with the past. He doesn’t recognize my children and calls my oldest daughter by my name. On these days, I often hear him asking, “Where did Trixie run off to?” Trixie was his favorite dog when I was my daughter’s age.

Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets

hasbros joy for all companion pets pup and cat

I love Hasbro’s new Joy For All Companion Pets so much. The companion pets are a great alternative pet companion for anyone, especially elderly loved ones like my Papa who suffer from Alzheimer’s. Joy For All Companion Pups and Joy For All Companion Cats are so realistic and provide joy, fun, and companionship for those who are unable to care for a real pet. The two-way interaction provides an experience that is so realistic, except these pets don’t have to be fed or cleaned up after. The pets respond to petting, hugging, and such. The cats purr, and the pups respond to your speech with barks and puppy sounds.

Additional Pet Features:

  • On and off switch as well as mute function
  • Realistic, soft fur that looks and feels like a real cat/pup
  • Built-in sensors that respond to motion and touch

My Papa’s Companion Pet Experience:

Today, I surprised my Grandparents with the Joy For All Companion Pup. The joy I saw in my Papa was priceless. He interacted with the pup, spent the longest time cuddling and petting it, and was truly like a kid again. It was amazing how such a simple product opened him up so much.

Here is my Papa petting the pup’s back to feel the heartbeat sensation.

hasbro joy for all companion pet papa alzheimers

My Grandma couldn’t wait to get hands on the pup, too. She had so much fun interacting with the pup, and the look on her face when it responded to her was priceless!


My Grandma’s reaction to the @JoyForAllHasbro Companion Pup was priceless. She couldn’t wait for my Papa to give her a chance to play with it! #JoyForAll #hasbro #ad #IC

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When my Papa finally managed to get the Joy for All Companion Pup back from my Grandma, he settled into his recliner to pet and cuddle the pup while he watched tv. Y’all, I managed to hold the tears back until I walked out the door, but on my walk home the floodgates opened. The joy and love emanating from my Papa to that pup, that’s a gift I rarely get to see from him these days, and that is exactly why I am so thankful I was allowed to give him this gift of something that has been missing from his life as he enjoys his final days.

Are you ready to bring joy and laughter for your loved ones? Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pets are great for everyone from 5-105, and they make great Christmas gifts for elderly loved ones who need companionship. Head over to JoyForAll.com to purchase a companion pet for yourself or your loved one, and use the code JOY2016 for 10% off your purchase!

Want to learn more about the Joy For All line? Check out Joy For All on Instagram, Twitter, or stop by the website.

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  1. ellen beck

    That really is a very cool alternative for someone who might not realize the difference and still wants/desires the interactions. I have heard of women who have been provided with realistic dolls having the same experience. Its a good idea!
    I hope they enjoy the dog, your going to have to get the cat I bet they would enjoy that too. It is amazing how realistic some of these things are getting!

  2. This really warms my heart,wait it go Hasbro.This was the sweetest most thoughtful creative product I have heard of being made.The thought process that was used to make such a wonderful,helpful,pet toys.Not only have I always loved Hasbro,but now also have much respect to the company.

  3. vickie couturier

    how adorable ,id love one myself