Top Rated Coffee Makers to Improve Your Coffee Experience

I have been sitting here trying to unwind from a long strenuous day while looking over my list of everything I still have to accomplish tonight. When I woke up this morning I knew it would be exhausting, so I’m well into coffee number 2 of the evening. That makes 3 cups for me today. Staring into my cup of coffee with tired eyes, my mind began to wander for a minute to thoughts of how thankful I am for my coffee maker that can pump out a single cup of coffee in the time it takes me to pull out the cream and sugar. I’m so tired I’m afraid I would fall asleep waiting for a full pot to brew. Some days I do wish I had a new coffee maker, and I know exactly which one I will buy when that time comes.

How Bean to Cup Coffee Makers Improve your Coffee experience

We live in a world were everything is available at our finger tips, with a single click, or at the push of a button. Why shouldn’t our coffee makers be just as on demand? We want one product that does it all and as fast as possible. Many consider coffee the most important way to start the day, and almost every other person in the world drinks coffee. According to recent research conducted by the US government, almost half of the total population of the US drinks 3 to 4 cups a day! That’s a lot of coffee!

So, what are the best coffee makers available for us coffee drinkers these days?

To answer that question, you have to look at the type of coffee brewing method you prefer. Brewing methods vary throughout the world, but thanks to specialty coffee shops, it’s easier than ever to find different varieties of coffee and brewing styles from around the world. If you prefer a unique style, your coffee maker should match that style.

Coffee makers range from plain Jane coffee makers that brew your basic cup of Joe to espresso makers and even Bean to Cup Machines that come with a built in grinder. Seriously, you can buy a machine that will let you drop in whole beans, choose your preferred grind, and the outcome will be some of the freshest coffee you can get.

Where can I find a Bean to Cup Coffee Maker?

These coffee makers aren’t always available at your local retail store, but there are plenty of top rated choices available online. My 3 top favorites of the moment are the:

Behmore Brazen Plus

Bonavita BV 1900TS

KitchenAid Siphon Brewer

If I were to purchase a new coffee maker right now, I would most likely go with the Behmore Brazen Plus. I like that the machine basically takes full control over brewing the perfect cup of coffee. While I’m not really wrapped up in modern conviences, I really like the idea of pouring in the whole beans in the top of the machine and letting it go to work grinding and brewing such a perfect cup of coffee goodness!

Do you drink coffee on a daily basis? Do you prefer to pick up a cup on the way to work or brew your own? I think there’s something about brewing your own that makes it taste so much better!

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