How Downy Fabric Conditioner Changed My Laundry Routine #ProtectClothesYouLove

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A few months ago I shared my laundry routine, and I may have surprised a few readers when I announced that I dry my clothes the old fashioned way on the line. I have been dryer free for 7 months, and I’m still very happy with my decision to ditch my dryer. However, I have changed my washing routine up a bit with the addition of Downy fabric conditioner.

I have never really used a fabric conditioner like Downy on my clothes before. When I was a kid my mom never used any type of fabric softener or conditioner due to her sensitive skin, so I never considered what adding a fabric conditioner to my laundry routine could do for my clothes, especially with line drying.

downy fabric conditioner

My mother-in-law is an avid Downy user, so I know it smells really really awesome. I love that April Fresh scent so much I have even purchased homemade wax melts and candles that claimed to smell “Downy Fresh”. Of course, nothing ever smelled quite like the real thing. When my bottle of Downy arrived I couldn’t wait to put it to the test on my laundry.

What does Downy actually do for clothes?

Downy doesn’t just soften your clothes. It protects them in so many ways that I never knew about.

Fiber Protection

Our clothes take a beating in the washing machine. Fabrics break down, and over time our clothing starts to lose its shape. Downy helps protect your clothes from stretching by strengthening the fibers. When the fibers break down the result is pilling and fuzz. Downy reduces friction which results in less fibers breaking down to create fuzz and pilling.

Color Protection

The friction from washing and heat from drying can cause a lot of damage to the fibers of our clothes that results in color fading. Using Downy can help colors stay true and resist fading longer.

Softer Fabrics

Who wants to wear stiff or scratchy clothing? Downy fabric conditioner softens clothing and towels to make them more comfortable against your skin.

Reduces Wrinkles

Downy reduces wrinkles better than using detergent alone.

Leaves Clothing Smelling Fresh

The fresh scents of Downy smell so wonderful leaving your laundry with long lasting freshness.

I usually do a couple loads of laundry a day, but our laundry has piled up over the last two weeks. I woke up this morning determined that if I accomplished nothing else today, the laundry would be done. I threw a towel load in the washer, grabbed my coffee, and went about my morning routine until the first load was ready to hang out. The hotter the day, the more stiff my towels are. Maybe it’s because the water doesn’t have time to seep down as much causing the weight of the water to pull down on the clothes, or maybe it’s because they don’t move around in the breeze as much. Whatever it may be, hotter temps equal stiffer clothes. I just knew we would be suffering through a load of scratchy stiff towels with the temps already causing me to sweat mid-morning.

But, when my towels were dry, they weren’t stiff at all. After I got the load inside I pulled out a clean towel from my previous non-Downy towel load to compare. Although they still aren’t nearly as soft as they would be straight from the dryer, they were much softer than my normal line dried towels. Please ignore the fact that I really need to invest in a few new towels, but the towel with Downy fabric conditioner is softer and has less wrinkles.

Downy towel comparison

After my first load I was sold, but to really pass the test Ellie had to approve, too. She has a few sensory issues, and laundry has always been a major problem for us. If her clothes don’t feel and smell just right, she won’t wear them. So, I washed a few of her clothes and gave her one of the shirts to test.

downy fabric conditioner sniff test
I think that smile says it all. She loved the scent, and she deemed her clothes “softest ever”. Score one for Mama today!

I managed to complete all the laundry today, and by the afternoon my whole house smelled Downy fresh. Now I’m kicking myself for wasting so much money trying to find a candle alternative for that wonderful smell instead of just buying the real thing! Downy will now have a permanent spot on my Walmart shopping list.

If Downy can do wonders for my line dried clothes, imagine what it can do to help clothes subjected to a dryer! Head on over to Walmart to pick up Downy, and give it a try!

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  1. I’m very sensitive to how my clothes and linens smell and Downy has been a staple in our household. My wife knows better than to run out or even try another fabric conditioner.