The Cursed Truck That Refuses to Leave The Mechanic and Other Car Woes

Is it really May already? We have had so much going on over the last few weeks that most of April managed to slip right by me. April has been full of vehicle woes I would rather forget anyway.

At the beginning of the month the Duramax went into the shop for a new transmission, custom tuning, head gasket, and to find out what was causing it to shake violently. You know, the type of stuff that sucks up your whole tax return and then some in one fell swoop!

Over the last month we have determined a couple things.

Either the Duramax is cursed, or it loves our mechanic’s shop so much it doesn’t want to leave.

I have always joked that the Duramax is a Scorpio because it was manufactured in November, and it carries the “moody traits” of us Scorpios. These days I feel like the truck has moved onto a Scorpio in a full blown hormonal rage. I’ve had a few of those moments myself…it ain’t pretty.

The ‘ole Dirtymax has been in the shop for 4 weeks now. It all started when the mechanic pulled the old transmission and found the flexplate had imploded.

The flexplate is a metal disc in automatic engines that connects the output of the motor to the input of the torque converter. If that still seems like a foreign language to you, it’s the metal disc that connects everything together allowing the transmission to rotate with the engine.

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Nope, it’s not supposed to do that.

Ben drove the truck for 300 miles with the engine basically disconnected from the torque converter. How he managed to drive it without a major catastrophe is mind boggling. So, new flexplate ordered, and everything was back on track. In when the pretty Clemson colored (yay!) rebuilt transmission.

That was almost 2 weeks ago, and since then our possessed truck has given the mechanic, Jordan, probably the biggest headache he’s every had. (Sorry Jordan!)

I won’t go into every little detail of what has happened, but it hasn’t been pretty. Just when he’s ready to fire up a cigar to celebrate the cursed truck leaving his shop something else goes wrong. I will say nothing that has happened has been caused by Jordan. He is an awesome mechanic with great skills who is stuck with the headache of our insane truck. Then finally when he got everything else working right, no more transmission leaks, no blown out gaskets, everything just about perfect…the starter cracked. And here we are all probably cursing the truck again. I’m crossing my fingers for some good luck to come out way, and I’m trying to stay hopeful the Duramax will finally come home tomorrow.


My Trailblazer must be jealous of the Duramax getting all this attention.

Ben replaced my motor, and I had a running Trailblazer for about 2 weeks before it decided it was jealous and needed a catastrophe of it’s own. We were on our way home from our Discovery Place trip (yes, I still have to post about that!) when my transmission decided we didn’t need 2nd or 4th gear anymore. We were stuck on the interstate with another hour and a half drive, so I’m thankful we were at least able to limp it home.

So, Ben did what my wonderful husband does, and he spent the weekend swapping transmissions from our old donor Blazer. But, it didn’t work. The transmission pump in the donor trans went kaput, and now my car won’t move. So, as soon as the Duramax comes home, my transmission is getting sent to be rebuilt.

We’ve spent the entire month and then some borrowing my Father-in-law’s little 3 door s-10 as our only vehicle. Let me tell ya, it’s super uncomfortable piling into that thing when you’re stuck in the middle between a big guy and a car seat. Ben has to use the s-10 to drive almost 2 hours to work, so I’ve been here stuck without a car for a month. I’m super thankful for all our family and friends who have pitched in to get our oldest daughter, Ellie, back and forth to school, but I know everyone is ready for this headache to be over.

I’m hoping May brings some good luck with it, especially where the vehicles are concerned because we could really use it. The sooner the truck comes home, the sooner I’ll have wheels to get Ellie back and forth to school. As soon as my Trailblazer is back in one piece, we can give my Father-in-law his truck back, and he won’t have to use his motorcycle as his only transportation.

So, yes, May, please send some good luck our way!


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Jenn is from Upstate, SC, and loves that she gets to work from home to be with her two little girls. Jenn has been happily married to her very own Superman, Ben, for over a decade, and spends her time reading, writing short stories, doing freelance work and blogging, crafting, riding motorcycles, watching Clemson football, and enjoying life with her family.

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