10 Natural Insect Repellents For Your Home

Insects are a very important part of the ecosystem, but most of us would prefer they stay outside. Although your location will determine how often you have to deal with insects, anyone can use natural insect repellents to treat their home. Here, in South Carolina, the weather has stayed mild throughout the Fall and Winter months, and we have experienced a very wet season. We are seeing insects entering our home much earlier than usual this year, so the battle to keep our home insect free has already begun.

Keeping your home clean and food stored properly are great prevention tools, but what if you find insects invading your home? Personally, I prefer using natural insect repellents before resorting to a chemical method, especially with 2 small children.

Our friends at Your Green Team in Tampa are experts at dealing with a year long warm and wet climate where insects thrive. They have provided us a list of natural insect repellents to keep bugs out of your home.

10 natural insect repellents for your home

10 Natural Insect Repellents For Your Home

Citronella Oil for Mosquitoes

Citronella candles are often used to keep mosquitoes away. That’s because they contain citronella oil, a naturally occurring oil that comes from crushed citronella grass. Citronella oil can also be rubbed on your arms and legs to keep mosquitoes from biting.

Chalk for Ants and Slugs

Sprinkle chalk around the entry points to your home to prevent ants and slugs from entering. Chalk contains calcium carbonate which is ground up shells from sea creatures. Both ants and slugs dislike calcium carbonate and won’t cross the chalk to enter your home.

Beer for Slugs

Bury a container up to its neck in the dirt outside your home, and fill the container halfway with beer. Apparently slugs love beer, so they will dive into the container to get to the beer, drowning themselves in the process. It may sound like a tragic end for the slug, but if it works I’m willing to try it!

Make Your Own DIY Spider Repellent Spray

If you find spiders creepy, you don’t have to share your house with them! Mix lemon oil (spiders hate it!), liquid soap, and water in a spray bottle and spray around your house for a DIY spider repellent!

Cinnamon, Paprika, or Garlic to Keep Out Ants

Apparently ants hate spices just as much as they hate chalk. Sprinkle spices like cinnamon, paprika, and garlic around doorways and windows in your home to block the path of entering ants. Repeat weekly for an effective treatment.

Diatomaceous Earth Works for Most Insects

You’re probably saying, “Diatomaceous what?” Although it sounds like something chemical, this non-toxic substance is found in many grain based foods to prevent bugs from infesting the grain. Diatomaceous Earth is actually a rock powder that is made up of prehistoric algae, and it kills household pests including fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and cockroaches! To treat with Diatomaceous Earth, sprinkle lightly where you see pests inside or outside your home to keep them at bay.

Essential Oils for Ticks

If you own a pet, you’re probably all too aware of how common it is for your pets to bring ticks and fleas in after spending time outside in the yard. Once your home has been infested with fleas, they can be really hard to get rid of. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemon, Lavender, and Tea Tree are just a few of the many essential oils known to repel fleas and ticks. Try adding a few drops to your dog’s collar to keep the pests away.

Garlic Solution on Strips of Cloth

Dracula isn’t the only one with a disdain for garlic. Many bugs also have an aversion to garlic! Mix garlic juice with water and dip small clothes in the solution. Hang the cloths around the outside of your home to keep mosquitoes and other bugs from entering.

Keep Basic Plants Around Your Home

Flies and many other pests hate basil. Place potted basil plants outside near doors, or keep inside your home to repel insects naturally. If you don’t have a green thumb there’s still hope! You can hang small bags of dried basil instead!

Vinegar and Water for Ants

Combine equal parts of vinegar and water, and use it to wipe down counters and areas of your home when you spot ants inside. The combination destroys the trails pests like ants use to get around which in turn helps to clear up an infestation faster.

Natural insect repellents are a great way to protect your home and family from bugs, but sometimes an infestation may be too much to treat yourself. If you have tried all these all natural tips and the bugs still aren’t budging, it’s time to call in the professionals for relief. Some pest control professionals, like Your Green Team, can provide perimeter pest control treatment that requires no applications inside your home keeping your loved ones and pets safe. If you happen to live in the Tampa area, check out Your Green Team to learn more about their indoor pest control services. There are even some great coupons available on their website to save on the cost of treatments!

*I was NOT compensated for sharing this post and would like to thank Your Green Team for providing me with these helpful tips.*


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  1. The only one I have tried is the citronella oil, and for me it doesn’t always work. I’ll have to try some of your other tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. Diatomaceous Earth is very effective against any insects. we also use essential oils like peppermint against spiders. it works really well.

  3. I had no idea ants were so averse to spices! I’ll have to try this as I have some ants in my kitchen I can’t seem to get rid of…thanks for sharing!

  4. An accreditation of thankfulness is all together to share! I’ll intensely watch these tips you’ve posted. Parasites were dependably through and through more stunning than a loathsome dream when I rest at home these present weeks. Much obliged to you money saving gatekeeper for this post!

    Those tips you said in regards to using basic things on bugs is shocking. I have never use typical things on bugs. I genuinely esteem your effort, keep it up.

    I didn’t welcome that a mix of plan pop and sugar could really be risky to cockroaches. I’ve never had cockroaches, thank sky, yet I’m continually checking for ways to deal with oversee direct arrange main thrust control discard aggravations routinely so I can be set up if I ever get a trap. I’ll unmistakably concentrate the warming pop and sugar mix, and I’ll have a go at using a void compartment to trap bugs as well. A request of gratefulness is all together for the article!I do trust it’s a careful thought for each home induce holder to know a touch of the shabby decision for unsettling sway control and that is going for the general framework. An assertion of gratefulness is all together to post down these. Eucalyptus leaves are critical in my family since they are astounding in keeping up a key segment from parasites. It’s detectable to see such wearisome approaches to manage supervise coordinate regulate control keep your home unsettling sway free. It appears like everything uses chemicals now a days paying little personality to I should attempt these structures.

  5. McKenzie says:

    Great post! I didn’t know about the homemade spider repellent. Thanks so much for sharing this.