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Life is hectic, and many times I find myself stressed to the max. There are never enough hours in the day, and I’m always busy. I’m a full time stay at home mom, I work part time as a virtual assistant, help manage my husband’s construction business, and of course there’s my blogging. I often find myself working long hours in the middle of the night just to find enough peace and quiet to get things done without being so stressed.

But, those long late nights take a toll on me. I’m always tired because I don’t get the sleep my body needs. That leaves me cranky during the day and constantly drinking coffee to stay alert. Not to mention I have a hard time focusing on the task at hand during the day time hours, so that leaves even more for me to do at night!

Just Chill

I was recently introduced to a new type of drink, Just Chill, that is designed to help you stay cool and calm so you can focus on whatever you need to accomplish without getting all jittery from an energy drink.

Just Chill calm and focused flavors

The flavors are Rio Berry, Jamaican Citrus, Tropical, and the new Zero version, Ginger. I really like them all, but the Ginger and Tropical are definitely my favorites.

I opened my first Just Chill drink one morning when I was trying to meet a deadline on an article I had to write, and I was having a really hard time focusing. Both of my kids were home sick, and I had been up most of the night with them. I didn’t want to drink yet another cup of coffee, and my stress and tension levels were rising quickly. My husband had an early day at work, so I popped open a Just Chill Zero Ginger and locked myself in my office as soon as he got home. I managed to focus on the task at hand, and I didn’t feel overly caffeinated or have the after effects of an energy drink wearing off.

What sets Just Chill drinks apart from energy drinks?

Well, there’s that whole no caffeine thing. While energy drinks jack you up, Just Chill actually works to do the opposite by calming you with minerals and vitamins that won’t leave you jittery or drowsy.


At the top of the list is Suntheanine which is a brand of L-theanine, an amino acid that is found in green tea. This particular amino acid has been clinically shown to help reduce stress, elevate mood, and increase focus.The Suntheanine version contains 15x more L-theanine than green tea. You will also find Just Chill packed with vitamin c, zinc, magnesium, and b vitamins. These drinks are gluten free, GMO free, and made with all natural premium ingredients, too.

Sharing the Calm:

When I received a box of Just Chill drinks to try I was excited to share them. I know so many people who could benefit from a drink like this. My husband, of course, would definitely give them a try, but I began considering others in stressful situations who might want to try them out. I decided to make a few gift bags and handed them out to my 20 year old sister-in-law in the midst of studying for her last college finals, a teacher friend dealing with a classroom of over 20 hyped up ready for the holidays 5-6 year olds, and a friend dealing with the stress of the holiday rush at her retail job.

What did they have to say about Just Chill?

My sister-in-law studying for finals absolutely loved them. Her favorite flavor was the Jamaican Citrus, and she went on and on about how much the Just Chill drinks helped her focus on studying without the effects from energy drinks.

The teacher, she loved the Ginger flavor, She reported she carried them to school with her the week before Winter break, and found herself wanting to drink a Just Chill instead of another cup of caffeinated soda at lunch every day. She felt more relaxed and focused as she carried on her teaching duties.

The retail friend preferred the tropical flavor. She said she thought the Rio Berry left a bit of a weird after taste, but it wasn’t enough to deter her from drinking it.

So, the next time you’re feeling stressed and need a bit of calm or you need to focus, consider leaving that energy drink on the store shelf and pick up a Just Chill. I know I’ll be purchasing more!

You can connect with Just Chill on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Just Chill drinks are available in store in some areas or can be ordered online from the Just Chill website.

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