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What is the one thing that clutters your home the most? For us, it’s the massive amount of toys my kids have amassed, especially after the holidays. This wasn’t such a big issue when we only had 1 child and a play room. These days we have double the toys, plus the play room had to be converted to a bedroom leaving us with less space for toy clutter.

And what’s the worst part? My girls don’t play with half of the toys they own on a regular basis. By the time we sort through everything they are either no longer interested in the toy we set out to find among the masses, or half the parts have been scattered to who knows where! This leads to frustration for all of us as my girls can’t find what they actually want to play with, and my OCD goes crazy from the mess.

This year I’m setting a goal to cut down on the massive toy clutter we have accumulated and to take back my living space. With my eldest out of school all but two days last week between teacher work days and snow days, it was the perfect time to put my plan into motion. I divided the task into steps to make the process easier without feeling like my whole day was wasted on toy removal. Yep, we seriously had that many toys to deal with!

The Great Toy Clean Out of 2016:

Step 1: I gave each child a laundry basket, and we all walked around the house gathering toys that weren’t where they belong. When we were done we had 3 full laundry baskets! 

Step 2: Time to tackle the bedroom. We always have a ton of cardboard boxes around, so the girls and I spent the afternoon filling cardboard boxes with all the toys in the bedroom that weren’t on shelves. They literally have so many toys, especially small figures, play food, etc, scattered around that we couldn’t see the floor when we started. Instead of sorting, we just tossed everything into the boxes until there were no more toys scattered around.

Step 3: Time to get organized! Yet again, cardboard boxes are my bff. Basket by basket, box by box, we sorted all of the toys by type. I hauled in the large trashcan from the kitchen to throw away anything that was broken. 

Step 4: Time to donate! Although this is Ellie’s least favorite part, I finally convinced her to part with a lot of toys without having to sneak them out while she is at school. Does she really need 60 Barbies? Absolutely not! We had a talk about why we donate our toys and clothes to a local children’s home and school. The children’s home runs a thrift store where the resident children are allowed to shop before remaining items are sold to fund the non-profit children’s home and school.

I gave her a set number of toys she could keep out of each toy category, and I watched as it became easier and easier for her to part with things she hasn’t played with in awhile. By the end of the day we cut the number of toys in their room in half, and Ellie took pride in knowing she is donating to other children who are less fortunate.

Now that we have finished clearing out the “extra” toys, it’s time to keep the toy clutter under control.

We have decided a great option for us is to rent toys instead of buying allowing my kids the option of new toys more often without taking up needed space. Our favorite option is Pley, a monthly toy rental service.


Why choose Pley?

  • Pley is always adding new toys, and their assortment reflects the latest and greatest toys on the market.
  • Buying toys can get expensive. Pley members save an average of $800/year. Now your child can enjoy that toy he or she really wants without breaking the bank. 
  • Pley is environmentally friendly! The savings from plastic (such as packaging) amounts to at least 240lbs. There are also less CO2 emissions produced because Pley uses trucks already on the road for delivery versus families driving to the store to buy toys.
  • Pley offers a great way to teach kids about sharing, recycling, and reducing environmental waste.
  • If your kids get bored with a toy, send it back for a new one! This helps reduce clutter while keeping toy options fresh.
  • Pley Gift Cards are perfect for birthday or holiday gift from family members. With a gift card your child can choose toys they want to play with avoiding a closet full of unwanted stuff and extra clutter. Going to a party and don’t know what to buy the kid? Give them a Pley gift card! Options include a full monthly subscription gift or a specific gift amount to get a child’s service started.

What kind of toys can we rent with Pley?

Pley offers a huge selection of educational toys, 400+ LEGO sets, and many popular robotics toys. Plus, new toys are being launched over the next few months such as board games, action figures, and even doll clothing and accessories! 


My 6 year old has been making a list of toys she wants to rent, and that list is filling up fast! She’s super excited over all the LEGO sets, especially the Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle LEGO® Set and the Disney Princess Arendelle Castle Celebration LEGO® Set. We love LEGOs, but she is usually only interested in each set a couple times before the LEGOs end up in a box under the bed. This way she can enjoy multiple sets without breaking the bank or taking up storage space.

What do you think about Pley? Would you consider using a monthly toy rental service to cut down on your own toy clutter?


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  1. I’m glad you’re teaching your kids to give back to others. No kids here so no toys, but I donate regularly to ARC.

  2. Wish I’d had something like this 40 years ago. Very handy.

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    wow, a toy rental…yes, I would consider that. toys can be expensive and interest lost pretty quick with some. this gives the kids more variety and will cut down on house clutter.