A Fun BINGO Twist for Your Next Family Party

Family parties and family reunions are a great way to bring generations of young and old together, especially when family members have moved away and can’t get together very often. These types of gatherings often feature a large number of relatives and their children, and while it can be fun for adults children are often bored or uneasy meeting many relatives they may not know.

We usually have a few smaller family gatherings throughout the year and one large reunion so those who live farther away have a chance to attend. I often notice children, especially my own, act really shy around people they don’t see very often. It makes for an uncomfortable situation for my kids, and I find they want to cling to me instead of interacting with others. I love activities that give them a chance to learn about others and feel more comfortable.

Pre-planning activities and games for your family gathering provides a great way to keep the younger ones entertained while introducing them to family members they don’t know or don’t see very often. It’s easy to start with an icebreaker game like BINGO because it is a game that can be fun for both children and adults.


BINGO games are really popular among online gamers these days. This is in no small part due to the proliferation of paysafecard bingo sites, and these types of sites provide the perfect inspiration to create your own BINGO cards. I have a fun twist to BINGO that can make it easy for children to learn something new about family members they may not know at your gathering. The game also keeps the children busy, so there is no time to sit around dealing with boredom.

This version of bingo is super simple and only requires a few supplies. You will need printed bingo cards and writing utensils for everyone participating. You can even throw in prizes to add an extra level of enjoyment to the game.

How to play “Family Fun BINGO”:

1. Gather your supplies.  You will need to print enough bingo cards and have pens or pencils for everyone playing. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra cards and pens on hand in case extra people show up.

2. BINGO rules can vary greatly, so make sure each participant knows exactly how to play your version of BINGO. Consider printing out instructions to hand out with the cards, or print instructions on card stock to place on tables.

3. “Family Fun BINGO” is a fun twist to traditional bingo because each card features questions to ask other family members. Each card should feature questions in every square except for the “free space” in the middle. See my sample card located below, or design your own unique questions.

4. The goal of the game is to be the first person to fill out the BINGO card. Have participants ask each other questions. If someone can answer one of the questions on the card that person will sign the square with that question.

If you have chosen to include prizes, you may want to give one big prize to the first person to complete a card, a prize to the first person to complete the card in each age group, or small prizes to everyone who completes the game. The prizes don’t have to be expensive. Board games or small educational toys make great prizes for kids.
You may use this BINGO card I have designed with questions for your family gathering, or feel free to use it as inspiration. To save this card right click on the image and “save as”.

Family Party Bingo Card download

This BINGO twist is a great way to get everyone interacting at the start of your family party and keep the fun going.

Do you have any other fun games you love to play at family gatherings? Feel free to share in the comments!

*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the mentioned bingo sites and have used them for informational purposes only.*

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  1. We’re big on playing UNO. And cribbage.

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    That’s is a twist on bingo and seems a bit more difficult but more entertaining.

  3. Betty C

    We have played a lot of Monopoly, Cribbage and Pinochle