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Has your child asked for a video game console or video games this year? My oldest daughter loves playing video games, but I’m thankful she’s still young enough she isn’t asking for the expensive stuff yet. I allow her to play a few educational games on my phone, but it would be nice to have the option to play educational games and age appropriate video games on the TV without the big hit on the wallet from one of the big video game consoles.

flare play

When I was introduced to the Flare Play, I was curious as to how my family would react to a gaming system that that streams games. The Flare Play console is a small video gaming system for the TV with an optional monthly gaming subscription, sort of like the gaming version of Netflix, that is geared towards children ages 3-11. The Flare Play system includes the very small console, a controller, and all the cables needed to connect to your TV.

flare play gaming system

There is no need to purchase expensive game discs, and the system takes up hardly any space at all. The plug and play aspect combined with the size means the Flare Play can be packed up and taken to another location as long as Wifi is available.

The Games:

There are 50 games pre-loaded that are available for play without a subscription, and monthly subscriptions to other game sets start at $4.99/month. The 50 free games change monthly which means there is always new content to play without a subscription!

There are over 200 games to choose from in the Flare Play Store. Subscription options include an Educational combo pack ($9.99/month) and an Entertainment combo pack ($14.99/month). Games can also be purchased individually without a subscription for $.99-$4.99 each. Genres include Educational games, Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Sports & Racing, Arcade and Puzzle & Strategy. Branded games include Disney/Pixar, the Lego series (Batman, Harry Potter, Marvel Superheroes, Lord of the Rings), and even Disney e-books. Many titles offer multiplayer gaming with up to 4 players.


There is no mature content with only 13 games carrying a T for Teen rating for older teens and parents to play. All of the games are family friendly. The parental control feature allows parents to set the content level appropriate for their child. The settings including “Everyone, 6 and up, 9 and up, and 12 and up”. The appropriate age range can be set with a PIN access code for each individual profile preventing younger children from accessing content on an older sibling’s profile.

My Experience:

Setting up the Flare Play was super simple, and only took a matter of minutes. I connected the Flare Play console to my TV via HDMI, plugged the unit in, and turned on the controller. The wireless controller had power straight out of the box, but it plugs directly into the console to charge via USB. After quickly connecting to my Wifi I was ready to go. Because an account was already setup for me as part of the testing, all I had to do was sign into my account, and my home screen popped up.

The menu is easy to navigate, and my 6 year old figured it out immediately. I was feeling a little nostalgic, so we decided to start off with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.


We had so much fun playing, and before I knew it 30 minutes had flown by me, and my daughter was begging to move onto a game she wanted to play. I turned the controller over to her and happily walked away knowing she was safely playing games without worrying if she would hear bad language or see anything she shouldn’t see at her age.

Overall, we absolutely love the Flare Play. Even my husband has ditched his PS3 to play the Flare Play when the kids aren’t around. It’s such a big hit!

And right now Flare Play has such an awesome offer going on. The system retails for $99.99, but is currently on sale for $49.99 and includes a second controller for free.


But that’s not all! Brain Foggles‘ readers are in for a special treat!

Our readers can receive an additional 40% off bringing the total cost of the Flare Play to $29.99. That includes the game kit and a free first month of membership!


 To get the Flare Play for $29.99 just head over to Flareplay.com, select your desired subscription level, and use code “Mommy Blogger” in the discount box at checkout!
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  1. wayne foster

    It’s a shame the company closed or at least is not longer selling/renting them it got discontinued probably only one that would still work would be the flareplay casual as that is pretty much an andriod machine but finding them would be hard

    • We were definitely sad to see Flare Play go. My girls loved the games. The company completely shut down. All the games that were available still show as available to download through the console, but the downloads sit at 0% indefinitely. Thankfully we downloaded quite a few games before our subscription was canceled, so we still have those available to play. Once my girls outgrow those games the little console will become a useless piece of junk.
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  2. Rodney James says:

    Why, if Flare Games closed over a year ago is our bank account getting charged ? We are furious! This is such a crock!

    • Oh no, that’s horrible! Call your bank and tell them you want to revoke payment authorization immediately! You may have to provide a letter giving a written statement as well. You have the right to revoke permission to withdraw funds from your account. Then tell your bank you want to dispute the transactions because the company closed almost a year ago.