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As a busy mom I often forget how important it is to provide myself with self-love. We often place ourselves last in the family food chain, and we just don’t take the time we need to make sure we’re building ourselves up on a daily basis.

Let’s face it. Most women go through a phase in their life when they don’t love themselves. Whether you feel like you have a few extra pounds you need to lose, feel like you need to gain weight, don’t like the way a certain body part looks, worry too much, fear something, the list could go on and on…every woman should be comfortable in her own skin.

I was recently given the opportunity to read Cheryl Bridges’ new book, Me, Myself, & I – 28 Days of Creative Self-Love


This book is so much more than just another self help book. Me, Myself, & I, is a multi-dimensional exploration of how we can learn to love ourselves, each and every part, even those that may be hard to love, through 28 days of self-love creating exercises. The idea of creative self-love is brought to life through stories filled with inspiring images and includes creative exercises, affirmations, resources, music links, and journaling for each day to help bring more self-love to your life.

I love that the book starts with an invitation to love yourself which reads as if the author is writing a personal letter directly to you. 

We’ll be talking about every aspect of self-love, so bring your best self, your worst self, and every self in between.

I started my personal journey of creative self-love a couple weeks ago, and I am amazed at how much better I have felt about myself since I picked up the book. Did I change overnight? No, but the journaling exercises have helped me really analyze my own life and truly open myself up to the possibility of loving certain parts of myself again.


As someone who struggles with anxiety, my hardest battles involve worrying and how my anxiety affects my life each and every day. When I made it to Day 11 I hadn’t faced my biggest challenge yet, the constant worrying about how others perceive me, if I’m doing things right as a mother, and all the other little worries that engulf me each and every day thanks to my anxious mind.

How do I pull myself out of that rut my mind constantly seems to wander to? How do I stop worrying so much and put my mind at ease? Is it possible to break both the worrying habits that were ingrained in me through family situations as well as those I have created for myself?

The journaling exercise for Day 11 focuses on writing down the habits of your mind that play a major roll in your day to day life. What would my worries look like on paper? What habits have I created that have continued because I have allowed myself to let my worries control me? I honestly spent almost 2 hours with my journal and realized many of my day to day worries fall in a pattern that I have created myself. 

When my anxiety gets the best of me I have taught myself to repeat this affirmation from Day 11.

Even when my head is a jungle of thoughts and feelings, I allow myself to be at peace.

As the days go by it is easier and easier to break the worry with those simple words, and as time moves on I realize I am happier each day just because I have less worry in my life. Many of the little worries I have dealt with for a long time don’t seem so big anymore, and I’m beginning to feel much more self-love. I will not let my anxiety and worries control me!

The Author:

authorcherylbridgesWant to learn more about Cheryl Bridges? Feel free to connect through social media.



You can also hear Cheryl speak about why she wrote Me, Myself, & I- 28 Days of Creative Self-Love in this interview.

If you’re stuck in a rut, dealing with something that has taken away your self-love, or just need a little pick me up I encourage you to give Cheryl’s book a read. You can purchase “Me, Myself, & I- 28 Days of Creative Self-Love” via or pick up the Kindle version now available on Amazon

Disclosure: Although I did not receive compensation for this post, I received a complimentary digital copy of Cheryl Bridge’s book “Me, Myself, & I – 28 Days of Creative Self-Love” to preview. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  1. Wow, Jenn, you chose one of the most challenging topics in the book and have had some terrific success! Thank you so much for your insights and for sharing some #creativeselflove! I look forward to hearing about the rest of your 28-day journey.