5 Reasons You Should Rent Toys from Pley Instead of Buying

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Toys provide more than just a fun activity for our children. Toys teach our children valuable lessons like sharing, build motor skills, and develop little brains with imaginative play. Unfortunately, most toys aren’t cheap, and buying toys can add up to an expensive hit on the wallet. 


If your kids are anything like mine you probably spend hours begging them to clean their rooms so you can finally see the floors again. My daughter is obsessed with Legos, so I know exactly what it’s like to stumble across a minefield of Lego pieces in the middle of the night…the pain so severe you might contemplate torching your house because it’s easier than picking up thousands of scattered Legos!


5 Reasons To Rent Toy From Pley Vs. Buying

1. Space Saving-

We live in a rather small house, and storage space is at a premium. My kids’ toys have exploded from their bedroom into various rooms around the house because we just don’t have the space needed to store them all. With a toy rental service you won’t have as many toys around the house taking up space and creating clutter!

2. Budget Friendly-

My daughter made a huge list of Lego sets she wanted for her birthday this year, but with each set near the $100 range we couldn’t afford most of them right now. Pley allows you to provide your child with more expensive build sets without spending a huge amount of money for each set! All these toys come at a low price point vs. buying toys. Average members save ~$800/year.

3. Keep Boredom at Bay-

Children are often easily bored with toys. They play with each a few times until they find something better or more interesting. A toy rental service allows your child to play with their favorite toys until boredom hits then trade it in for another toy in Pley’s huge selection of over 400+ toys.

4. Teach Kids to Share-

Lets face it. Most kids are really possessive over their own toys. Some kids can’t stand the thought of others touching their toys while others just don’t want to part with anything. If you don’t want a little future hoarder on your hands, a toy rental service helps teach kids the value of sharing toys with others by parting with the toy when it is no longer needed.

5. You Don’t Know What to Buy-

Has your child ever asked for a specific toy for a special occasion, but when the toy arrived cried because it wasn’t what he or she wanted any longer? Children’s minds are ever-changing, and so are their interests. That toy that was hot 2 weeks ago may not be interesting anymore when it finally arrives. A toy rental service provides a great alternative when you just don’t know what your child is going to want. Monthly subscriptions also make great gifts for other kids in your family or friend circle when you aren’t quite sure about the child’s interests.

If you’re looking for a better solution to your toy woes, check out Pley, the toy rental service that provides over 400+ Lego sets and robotic toy sets to choose from in a budget friendly monthly subscription service. Find out more or try out the service at Pley.com.


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  1. Instead of buying, i think rent a toy is a good idea. Every parents are usually confused what toy they should buy for their kids. So rent a toy they receive a wide range of toy variation for their kids. And also it is in their budget, totally agree with you.
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  2. 100% agree. We love renting toys. Pley has been a great service for us for all the reasons you mention.

  3. This is a really good idea. I hadn’t heard of this service. It would be good for my niece and nephew. They both love toys, but can also get bored easily.