Meet The World’s First Smart Fragrance Dispenser

I have an obsession with fragrances. I want my home to smell inviting when you walk in the door. I’ve tried so many different types of air fresheners, and I can’t really say I’ve fallen in love with any of them.

Automatic battery operated dispensers work well until the batteries die, but I’m not a fan of constantly changing batteries. You wouldn’t believe how many toys, remotes, etc, have found a home in the closet because I continuously forget to purchase batteries.

Candles and wax melts might smell nice, but both can create hazards. We had to make an impromptu vet visit a few years ago when my cat decided to stick his paw on a candle. He burned his paw and splattered wax all over his fur. At Christmas I thought my plugin style wax diffuser was safely out of reach of my toddler, plugged into an outlet tucked in a corner above the kitchen counter. She quickly proved me wrong when I turned my back by pushing her tricycle over to the counter and climbing up to investigate. Luckily I reached her just in time to prevent her from sticking her fingers in the hot melted wax. That was the day all wax diffusers went into the trash.

I like outlet plugin units with refillable cartridges, but the ones on the market today are very simple. Some have the option for multiple scents, but that’s where the options end. Another downside to most plugin units is the fragrance bottles seem to empty far too often. Unless you remember to unplug the unit every time you leave your house, you’re wasting the liquid that no one is around to enjoy.

We live in a technological world, so why haven’t air fresheners evolved?

pura scents smart fragrance diffuser kitchen

Meet Pura Scents, the world’s first smart fragrance dispenser for your home. The Pura Scents fragrance dispenser plugs into an outlet like regular plugin style dispensers, but this smart dispenser can do so much more.

pura scents smart wifi fragrance dispenserWorking on Wifi, you can control the dispenser from an app on your phone. Use your phone to turn the unit on or off, customize the fragrance mix from the 2 scent bottles to your preference, and even order new fragrances from inside the app when your phone lets you know a bottle is running low! Control multiple units in multiple locations all from inside the app at the touch of a button.

pura scents smart fragrance diffuser phone app

There is even a built in smart night-light, and you control the colors you want and even schedule times for the light to turn on and off directly from your phone. When you leave your house the unit will automatically shut off to prevent waste.

The Pura Team focuses on purity of the home with an all-natural fragrance line, but they go so much father than creating a pleasant living environment.

Pura’s promise is that for “Every dollar we make, we’ll give a percentage back to help build schools, improve education and create jobs in 3rd world countries.”

The Pura Scent team will be launching their smart fragrance dispenser on Kickstarter very soon. For more information check out Pura on Facebook or Twitter. You can also visit the Pura Scents website to sign up to be notified when the product launches.

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  1. Cheyenne W

    This is a really neat idea. I have a puppy, who is adorable but sometimes stinky! This would be perfect.

  2. This looks good because it is on as long as it’s plugged in and it is smart, so it doesn’t run when not needed. I give thumbs up on this.