Help Hungry Kids This Summer #SummerofGiving

I participated in this program on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

The National School Lunch Program provides free and low-cost lunch and breakfast to children who meet income guidelines. But, when school is out, that’s two less nutritious meals or no meals at all. There’s a way to help  hungry kids with Champions for Kids:

SIMPLE Service Project

Champions for Kids’ motto is, “All children should have: Someone who cares; a Place to belong; Hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey. All children.” This summer they are asking us to help with provisions – food. The SIMPLE Service Project is just that, simple. You can do it with your family, friends or a group.

Just visit your local Walmart’s frozen food aisle. Look for Tyson, Birds Eye, and State Fair foods and purchase as much as you can. Donate that food to a food pantry, food bank, homeless shelter, or other organization that needs food. Take your children along with you so they can see firsthand what is going on in their own neighborhood. It is a good experience for them to know the truth about hunger so they have a loving heart for those in need.

With the Summer of Giving program, Champions for Kids wants to reach a goal of 5 million meals this summer and I know it can be done! Giving back gives you that good feeling that nothing else can compare. As another incentive, share your SIMPLE Service project and be entered to win $25,000 for your school. Please note – this ends July 9th.

My SIMPLE Service Project

I was given a $100 Walmart Gift Card to buy Birds Eye, Tyson and State Fair frozen foods. My daughter and I went shopping, trying to get as much food as possible with our budget. She used a calculator to add up the prices as we chose what would be best for the food bank we were going to donate to.

Help Hungry Kids - SIMPLE Service Project by Champions for Kids

After our shopping trip, which took about 30 minutes, we drove to Jericho Road Ministries. Besides their food pantry, which provides food for adults and families, they have a homeless shelter with programs to help people get work or go to college.

We got assistance unloading the bags of food and kept hearing, “thank you” from every person we encountered. No matter how many times I explained that I didn’t pay for the food, it didn’t matter. One volunteer explained that they were grateful for us taking the time to buy the food and drive there.

Help Hungry Kids - Jericho Road Ministries

That made me feel guilty and sad. I know that I don’t do enough volunteering any more. When my daughter and I got back in our car, we talked about how something so simple can do so much. From now on, when we go shopping we’ll look for sales and buy extra. Then save it until we have a nice amount and drive to donate again.

Hunger in the United States

We know that children are hungry and that it can be much worse during the summer when they are out of school. I can’t sit back knowing that and doing nothing to help.

Help Hungry Kids
“More than 16 million children in the United States – 22% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level.” – National Center for Children in Poverty

“Among the world’s 35 economically advanced countries, America ranks at the bottom of relative child poverty, second only to Romania.” – United Nations Measuring Child Poverty, May 2012

Knowing these statistics, don’t you want to help hungry kids this summer? And throughout the year? Besides the Summer of Giving SIMPLE Service Project, take a look at other ways to help through Champions for Kids.

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  1. Great piece. It never occurred to me that kids who were getting fed at school don’t have the same opportunity in the summer. Way to spead the word.

    • Yes, children who get free or reduced lunch/breakfast at school are in the poverty level here in the US. Where I live we have one of the worst unemployment levels in Florida which means a lot of people living in poverty. Food during the summer and when school is out is always needed, Sarah.

  2. Lorraine Maurice says:

    This is so true. Children need support all year round. Sounds like a wonderful program to help.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I would live to start volunteering with my boys.

  4. When we talk about poverty it is easy to think far away places and third world countries. However, we have serious poverty in our doorsteps. They can get ignored easily and we need this sort of campaigns to insure people learn about these problems and help. When we want to help we should start with people close to us and we know like family members and neighbors. Next we should look at helping people in our towns. Then, we could start looking for far away places. This is my principle anyway.

    I like your idea of buying bulk and looking for buy one get one free deals so that you can donate the extras you bought at fraction of usual cost. Also, we shouldn’t waste food. The amount of food wasted in America can feed all the people in need twice over. Again it is a great idea to get your children involved in these projects. I almost cried when I heard that my daughter donated her pocket money after seeing a TV advert. Thank you for sharing this and bringing to our attention.

  5. This subject really tugs at my heart strings too Connie. I know so many kids that during the summer, when not in school, are getting way less food in nutriment than normal. It’s so great to know there are so many organizations, individuals, etc. that set a side the time to gather food staples and deliver to areas, to help.
    Our local boys scouts, come by once a month and collect can foods that the neighborhood houses sit upon their door step. We shop often at a bargain bulk store, and we purposely buy extra can goods just for that purpose. And still, I’m left with feeling I never do enough to really help the situation more.
    I like it that the Champions for kids takes part in the Nutrition RazorFest. Even one full day of such an state-wide FREE family event, can bring so much good to a child in need. A great reminder to all of us to do more.

  6. You know I left comments on this post before when I first read it Connie. I don’t know why I’m not seeing it now. I hope this one shows up. It always worries me that kids aren’t receiving at least one hot meal a day in the summer when schools out. I know in the past we’ve had programs where children could go to the school and still get lunch but I heard anything about them in a while. I think it’s so important to teach our children to do for others by example. This program is a chance to teach that life lesson. It will make a much bigger impact than parents realize on their children which will in turn make an impact on someone else and it will continue to multiply. I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.

  7. This is such a worthy cause! I shared mine already, and sent several people to the website. I’ve had to visit pantry’s to feed my kids (when I was a single mom raising the older four) and I have also volunteered for the Food Bank handing out food at a Food Bank site. So many kids that need help. Thanks for all you do Connie!

  8. I have read your blog post on Hungry Kids This Summer & it was very informative. thanks.