The Babysitting Grandma

It was decided even before I got on the plane and I couldn’t wait. I would be babysitting my grandson while visiting over the holidays.  I was excited to have time alone with my first grandson while babysitting him on New Year’s Eve.

During my recent visit to Kansas, where my daughter lives, she and son-in-law wanted to go out alone for the first time since their son was born. I was going to be the babysitting grandma on New Year’s Eve. The time came for them to go out. My daughter was fine. My son-in-law was a nervous wreck, asking me if I had their home address in case I had to call 911.

I calmed him by telling him that I’ve been babysitting since I was 14. I had two daughters of my own. Etc, etc… I just wanted them to get out of the house so I could be alone with my grandson.

Babysitting Grandma

About 8 PM, they left for a party. The baby was sleeping, but I knew his routine well. Oh and by the way, Baby Sal is breastfed and a real mamma’s boy. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but when he cries he wants his mom. I was the baby whisper, though who calmed him down when he was crying uncontrollably. At least I was, a few months ago.

Baby Sal slept for a short time. I watched him lovingly. When he woke up he was a bit upset. No problem. I rocked him and he quieted down. Upstairs we went to change his diaper and get him into his pj’s. He began to cry. I got a bottle. His little mouth couldn’t get around the nipple because of his sobbing. I rocked him, doing a little dance and shushed him. The crying went on.

He had gas. That was it! The tears continued. He was inconsolable. His tummy was filling up with more gas from crying. Nothing I did would calm him. After a call to my daughter (yes, I called her) about how he likes to be bottle fed, he still refused it.

My heart was breaking. I couldn’t handle hearing my grandson cry. Even though I wanted to prove my son-in-law wrong for worrying, I sheepishly called my daughter to come home.

When you’re a babysitting grandma, there’s no way you can assume it will be like taking care of a stranger’s baby, a niece or nephew, a friend’s baby. Experience goes out the window when your grandchild is so upset. I’m the proof.

I may never babysit my grandson again…

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  1. Oh no, Connie! I’m sorry that it went so poorly. That must have broken your heart.
    Cindy wrote this fabulous post..Win It Wednesday 1-15-14My Profile

  2. Aww! I hate that he cried on you. However, he is just a tot. I’m sure once he’s older and realizes how awesome you are, he’ll love being with his grandma. <3
    Lindsay wrote this fabulous post..Christmas Without Daddy Again: It Is Still DifficultMy Profile

  3. Hi, stopping by from the SITS girls Tribe building.
    This is a sweet post. Having babysat a lot, been a nanny and having taken care of my niece on occasion I understand why you took it personally that you couldn’t calm him down.
    I have to disagree with you that they will never ask you to babysit again. From my perspective you are their ideal babysitter as they now know that you are not afraid to call and ask them to come home when you know it is in the best interest of the baby!

  4. Oh, I would have found it so hard, at least I did when my sons cried for spells through the night when they were babies. I have two teens now, so grand kids should be a long ways off, but that will be so much fun again.
    Marcy wrote this fabulous post..New life amid the polar vortexMy Profile

  5. Aww, yes you will! It will get better! Bottles just aren’t the same when the child is used to being breastfed. Our daughter was the same way!
    Eva Marie Taylor wrote this fabulous post..Writing and Illustrating My First Children’s BookMy Profile