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Toys and Games Gifts

Toys and games are one of the most popular gifts at the holidays, but they make great gifts year round. But, the best are unique and fun-filled. They will be a hit for the one receiving and the one giving!

Tenzi Dice Game - Holiday Gift
Tenzi – Either for 2-4 players, the whole family  as a party game. Action packed game where someone yells “Go” and all players roll their dice again and again until someone gets all their dice on the same number. The winner yells “Tenzi” and the game starts over.  Named the 2012 Toy of the Year by ASTRA (American Toy Retailing Association) and 2013 Game of the Year by Learning. Buy one Tenzi pack for about $14 from Amazon. Get more info from their website.

WordAround Game - Holiday Gift Guide

WordAround – Small enough for a stocking stuffer, big enough for a group to play. Figure out where the word starts and read it to the other players. The first one to do so is the winner. Sounds easy? It’s tricky and lots of fun. Good Housekeeping calls it a Best Family Board Game of 2013, Redbook touts it as an Under $50 Gift They’ll Love and  Amazon has it on its Best Gifts for Kids list. $12.99, ages 10 and up. Find it on Amazon for about $13.

Magnetic Gumball Counting Game - Holiday Gift Guide - Holiday Gift

Anatex Magnetic Gumball Counting Game – This colorful Gumball Counting Game teaches math skills, while at the same time promoting hand-eye coordination, visual tracking and fine motor skills. Children use the magnetic wands to guide the balls through the game, choosing correct number of balls that correspond to each gumball machine numbered 1 through 10! For ages 3 years and up.
Sold on Wayfair for $39.99. Wayfaire has lots of other unique toys to choose from.

What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar Game - Holiday Gift Guide

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar Game – Creative, quick-thinking game for a group of friends. Kind of like a dare game, but use your acting skills, your creativity to compete in challenges. Best for tweens and teens. Sold on Amazon for about $22.

Block Printing Craft Kit - Holiday Gift

Print Blocking Starter Kit – From Darby Smart, which craft and DIY projects for girls, teens and adults. Kits range from novice to experienced crafting, so there is a perfect project for each member of the family. This kit is $39.


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