The Secret to Surviving Under Stress

Stress in the workplace is a very real ailment and it can take a toll on health if left untreated. Some people become stressed when trying to manage their work/life balance, while stress can also lead to a variety of health conditions and disorders. It is a tough condition to crack and it can have a detrimental effect on your professional performance.

There is a range of reasons why you may feel stressed in the office. A difficult boss who sets unmanageable deadlines or has severe communication issues is one of the biggest drivers, especially when expectations and reality aren’t in sync. Trying to impress someone who simply cannot be impressed can be a stressful target.

In addition, unsociable and difficult colleagues can be another trigger, especially if their performance directly affects your own. Trying to tread on egg-shells around a loose cannon in the workplace can also ramp up stress levels as their unpredictable nature can be tough to manage.

Furthermore, attempting tasks that are not part of your skill set can be tricky to navigate. A difficult manager doesn’t appreciate hearing the word ‘no’ when delegating a task so employees try their best to reach the task’s target; a tough goal when a team member doesn’t even know where to start. Enter rising stress levels.

However, there are ways that employees can prevent stressful situations in the workplace and survive in the office.

Team building

If there is a communication breakdown between team members or bosses, a department might want to consider sending the group on a team-building activity day. When people who rarely work together or who do not get along are forced to communicate, they might discover they enjoy the interaction and continue to network. Bringing such a positive outcome back to the office can improve productivity and motivation.

Team building days can also help motivate a team, identify the strengths of team members, practise effective collaboration and help participants learn more about themselves.

Team Building - Reduce Stress

Team Building Exercise


If you’re feeling overwhelmed due to your workload or finding yourself getting increasingly stressed by a particularly annoying team member then simply relax, step outside, take a moment and breathe deeply. Give yourself a five minute break to get your head together and come at your problems head-on.

Getting more exercise outside of the office is also key to reducing stress levels, making it easier to reduce your stress at work.


If something is stressing you out then just go to sleep. Not in the office at 10am, of course, but getting more sleep during the twilight hours can help you reduce your overall stress levels. Feeling well-rested can also increase your energy level and ability to concentrate.

Reduce obsession

Quite simply, do not get obsessed with work. You might think that being a workaholic will pay dividends later in your career but long, intense hours of work will take its toll on both body and mind. It could also harm relationships, hobbies and links with friends and family if the obsession continues. Take a step back, evaluate your working habits and reduce your stress levels.

About the author:
Written by Ash Curtis on behalf of Blue Hat a specialist in Team Building and Corporate Events.
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  1. Sleep really helps with your stress level. It’s amazing how refreshed I feel if I get plenty of sleep. If I’m sleep deprived, I’m on edge the whole day and feel very stressed out.