Energizer Coin Lithium Childhood Safety and Giveaway

When I took a Grandparents Class a few weeks ago, the main topic was safety. And when it’s comes to my new grandson, I want to protect him from any type of danger (and love him to pieces too!). Energizer is sharing information about safety during National Childhood Injury Prevention Week with its coin lithium battery child resistant packaging. I was given a gift pack from Energizer to try out their child resistant packaging.

Energizer Lithium Batteries

I didn’t known much about the danger of coin lithium batteries, but after looking through Energizer site, I understand how important keeping these type of batteries away from young children. Energizer is committed to keeping kids safe with their voluntarily developed child resistant packaging. They are bring awareness to this issue by partnering with The Battery Controlled.

Don’t you love when big brands take corporate social responsibility? I do and lean towards buying their products.

The Safety Issue

According to Energizer, “If ingested, these coin-sized lithium batteries can cause serious chemical burns in as little as two hours.” They can also get stuck and cause choking. These type of batteries are used for lots of items in her home: remote controls, keyless entry devices for your car, flameless candles, sound-enabled books and a variety of health and fitness devices.

Energizer Gift Pack

The 4 S’s of Coin Lithium Battery Safety

  • Store devices that use coin lithium batteries out of reach of children
  • Secure the battery compartments of devices
  • Select battery packaging that meets federal guidelines for child resistance, such as Energizer’s coin lithium battery packaging
  • Share this information with your friends and family

Energizer Child Resistant Packaging

In order to open Energizer coin lithium battery packages (20 millimeter batteries) it takes a pair of scissors. It actually took me a short while to open, but that can be because I’m like a child! It was hard, but it should be. And on the batteries themselves, there are stickers instructing you about the danger of this type of battery.

Energizer Coin Lithium Battery warning


To bring awareness to Energizer Coin Lithium Childhood Safety, here is a giveaway for you:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Even if you don’t enter this giveaway, please share the lifesaving information about coin lithium childhood safety.

Disclosure: Energizer provided me with a gift pack and a promotional item. All opinions are my own as always.

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  1. ellen beck

    One way is to always store devices that use cojn lithium batteries away from children.

  2. Store them where the kiddies can’t find them,like up high.
    Deb K wrote this fabulous post..Firmoo Stylish Glasses Giveaway! 9/12My Profile

  3. Mary Happymommy

    Keep batteries out of reach of kids.

  4. Store them in a place high where they can not reach

  5. Ann Fantom

    I keep our spare batteries in a cabinet out of reach of my daughter

  6. Shani F.

    Secure the batteries in commonly used items such as remotes.

  7. Keep them up high or locked in a cabinet.

  8. Keep batteries up and out of reach of little ones

  9. christina moore

    Keep out of reach of Children

  10. Purchase packaging that makes it difficult for children to open.
    Tammy wrote this fabulous post..Nonni’s THINaddictives – Light, Sweet, CrunchyMy Profile

  11. Heather DeLuna says:

    store, select, secure, share. Thanks. for the PSA. I will definitely keep the 4 s’s in mind when it comes to child safety and lithium batteries.

  12. Diane baum says:

    I keep the batteries in a place my boys can’t reach

  13. Katherine

    I had no idea they were so dangerous within 2 hours can cause serious damage and you might not even know they swalloed one

  14. kim burnett says:

    Keep batteries out of reach of kids.

  15. STORE them SECURE… just like you do your meds… UP and locked and out of reach of small kids.

  16. I always store any batteries in a storage container up & away from the kids! When batteries are needed, they go straight in to the devices and I always make sure the battery compartments are properly closed/sealed and the used batteries are disposed of properly. Proper disposal is also of big importance when it comes to battery safety with children. You can find the proper disposal methods for different types of Energizer batteries at this link> http://data.energizer.com/Static.aspx?Name=BatteryDisp
    I also love that Energizer has such great Child Resistant packaging!

  17. One way to keep them safely is to store them properly…out of reach of little hands.
    Jayne wrote this fabulous post..Sweepstakes: Disney’s Super Buddies DVDMy Profile

  18. You should keep batteries out of reach of kids.

  19. Sharon Kaminski says:

    we would keep the batteries high up in the cabinet where they cannot reach them

  20. Monique Rizzo says:

    Keep them up and out of reach of little ones.
    Thanks for the chance.

  21. the “4 s”s! keep ’em away!

  22. Make sure you keep them in a locked cabinet!

  23. Follow the suggested store, select, secure and share.

  24. keep batteries somewhere kids cant get them.

  25. Linda Poplees

    Keep them up in a high cabinet out of reach

  26. Melanie Montgomery says:

    we keep them out of reach

  27. You can store them on a high shelf out of reach.

    p.s. I see you’re trying different giveaway forms. I like Giveaway Tools the best.

  28. Kerrie Mayans

    We keep our locked up in the top of the medicine cabinet so the kids can’t reach them.

  29. keep them high up / locked away

  30. Windy Bowles says:

    I will definitely practice the 4 S’s of Coin Lithium battery safety.

  31. Timmy Trafton

    keep up and out of reach from children

  32. Keep batteries out of reach of kids.

  33. for one, we don’t use them

  34. Storing them away from children.

  35. Jody Sisson says:

    Keep batteries out of the reach of children, our extra batteries are kept in my husbands locked tool chest.

  36. Store your remotes and other items that contain Coin Lithium batteries up high away from reach of little ones.

  37. I keep them in a locked medicine cabinet 🙂

  38. Jill Myrick says:

    We keep our batteries out of reach of our children. But I love that Energizer has come out with this new packaging. It just doubles our efforts.


  39. Eileen Burke says:

    I store them way up high out of little kids’ reaches!

  40. Lisa Garner says:

    I learned I can secure items by taping them to help prevent a young child from getting the coil lithium battery out of them.

  41. I keep them stored in my jewelry box so the kids can’t get to them

  42. Nicole Millheim says:

    Keep the batteries put away where children cannot reach them

  43. Keep your batteries out of reach from the little ones.

  44. I make sure they are in a locked cabinet the kids can’t get in.

  45. Having this packaging would definitely help with safety.

  46. Laurie Emerson

    I can keep them locked up in a secure place just like I keep any medicines.

  47. Brittney House says:

    I keep them out of reach.

  48. Vikki Billings says:

    I make sure that all batteries not just the coin ones are put up out of the reach of my grandchildren.

  49. Keep them out of reach

  50. Kristen Weigel says:

    Keep them away from the kids