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Moving to Kansas isn’t going to happen. Seeing my new grandson in person will be rare. But, with the OKHello app I’ll be able to see him much more often! Group video chats are the next best thing to being there; much better than photos or plain old phone calls. I don’t care if my grandson can’t chat yet. I’ll take all of the cooing, drooling or even sleeping I can get.

OK Hello app

Mind you, my grandson isn’t even born yet, but that’s how a grandmother’s mind works. We plan…a lot. And when I learned about the OKHello app, I had to try it out. My husband and I still have the iPhone 3G (spoiling my grandson is more important than updating our phones). No problem with this app. It works with our older phones. My daughter has an iPad – we’re good there too.

All three of us can use our own devices and video chat with the OKHello app. My husband and I don’t have to take turns and we can switch from regular chat to video quickly. I love the cute stickers we can share too.

The app is free, always something I look for. Besides chat and video chat, you can share photos and pre-made videos. If one or all of us has to leave the video chat, the video can continue to record. If the baby is ready for a nap or bedtime, my daughter and son-in-law can keep rolling to share his adorable face as they put him down to sleep.  Yes, grandmothers aren’t bored with sleeping grandchildren.

OKHello App

Another option with the OKHello app is chat rooms. Share the app with your family and friends. Then create rooms for them by groups for example by interests, or a trip you’re planning together, or by person. This saves time to start video chatting.

Have you tried this app yet?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own as always.

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