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Some of you have read about my childhood summers spent in Atlantic City. The Steel Pier was a big part of those summers. I recently remembered that I saw my first concert – Herman’s Hermits – in the Marine Ballroom there with my sister who is 11 years older than me. Early in June, during the Jersey Love trip, I had a choice of attractions to visit. Of course, I choose the Steel Pier.

Steel Pier Ferris Wheel

I felt like I a child again being at this site of so many memories. Another day of rain didn’t keep me and other bloggers away. We started our tour indoors with the co-owner, Anthony Catanoso. At a table filled with just made funnel cakes and bags of cotton candy, he gave us a short history of the Steel Pier.

Steel Pier - Funnel Cake

On the walls the showcase of photos from earlier days told a story too, including the Diving Horse and showcasing entertainers such as Frank Steel Pier PlansSinatra. Mr. Cantanoso has big plans for the future of the Steel Pier to bring it back to its heyday. They include building an extension, adding indoor buildings for events and constructing new rides. The biggest of all, though is installing a 200-foot observation wheel that will look over the beach, like the London Eye.

After our talk, we went onto the pier itself. It was still raining, but what a sight! Colorful rides, amusement games with prizes, friendly faces and a view of the ocean had me smiling. All the way in the back is an actual helicopter, the only one on the Jersey Shore. I’m not a roller coaster person, but the Rocket, the Sling Shot and Surf’s Up would make a ride junkie happy.

When I heard that Louis Prima Jr. would be appearing on July 27th, I was dreaming of a trip back to the Steel Pier. I know I’ll be there again.

I am grateful to Caesers Entertainment Atlantic City which sponsored my stay and meals and to the Steel Pier for free entrance, food and fun.

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