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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Invisalign. All opinions are my own, as always. This is not to be considered medical advice.

Just when my self-confidence was at its lowest, I got braces. Those awful metal contraptions that hurt and caused people to call me names. Metal mouth, brace face, tinsel teeth and bracket racket were popular back then. Ah being 15, and having a goofy, shiny smile… bad memories.

I’d be so grateful if Invisalign were around then. Spending my precious time at the orthodontist’s office was annoying. I missed out on after school fun and even big chunks of Saturdays. I wore those braces for three years, then a retainer for two years. After all that effort and time, my teeth still aren’t completely straight.

With Invisalign, a teeth straightening technology, many of the problems I endured with metal braces are over. These clear aligners are practically invisible, so no worries about your personal appearance. Visits to the orthodontists are scheduled only about every 6 weeks, so keep that schedule open for the things you like to do. If you’re like me and had braces before but your teeth shifted, you can choose Invisalign after a consultation.

Invisalign option to metal braces

The clear aligners are also removable. Take them off when you eat. There are really no restrictions on what you can eat. Enjoy popcorn, corn on the cob and treat yourself to a candy apple once in a while. Remove them while your brush your teeth. You can avoid plaque buildup and discolored teeth that you can get with regular braces.

Parents, here’s some great news – your tween or teen can get Invisalign too. As long as all of their baby teeth are out and their secondary molars are in, they are a candidate. You don’t have to wait until their brushing and flossing is deemed excellent like you do for metal braces.

Have you or someone you know used Invisalign? What are your thoughts?

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