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Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for single moms. But if anyone deserves to celebrate this holiday, it is single moms. As a single mom for 10 years, I have experience in choosing the best Mother’s Day gifts for single moms

Family, friends and neighbors, think about the single mothers you know this Mother’s Day.

The Gifts Moms Will Love On Mother’s Day ($25 and Under!) by kristenhuff

 The Gifts Moms Will Love On Mother’s Day ($25 and Under!)
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Mother’s Day Gifts that Help Single Moms

  1. Babysitting – Make a creative coupon booklet for watching the children so mom can have free time.
  2. Meals – Cook and freeze few meals – lasagna, soups, chili, etc. or buy restaurant gift cards.
  3. Check up the Car – Know a good mechanic? Pay for an oil change, tire rotation or basic checkup.

Mother’s Day Gifts that Pamper Single Moms

  1. Beauty Treatments – Buy a gift certificate for a Mani and Pedi, a facial, a massage, etc.
  2. Shopping Day – A gift certificate is a fun gift. Add on babysitting to make it a special time.
  3. Tea Time – Get dressed up and take your friend to a tea room. Go out for lunch or dinner with her and the girls.
  4. Movies and Plays – Choose an outing that your friend enjoys, but can’t afford it or doesn’t want to go alone. Make it a special time by attending with her and taking care of all the details.

Best Mother's Day Gifts

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Single Moms

  1. Handmade Gifts – Help her children make their own gifts.
  2. Flowers – A bouquet of flowers is always special.
  3. Dinner Out – Go out to eat on Mother’s Day with your friend and her children. Ask first to see if they want to attend.
  4. Great Gifts – Take her children shopping to buy a special gift and card.

My tips for gifts line up with a survey by Child’s Play Communication. A mother want handmade gifts the most, followed by a day off and next is a spa day.

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