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Hunger is a crucial problem in the USA. The documentary movie, A Place at the Table portrays the reality of living with food insecurity. There are 50 million people facing food insecurity in our country. Just think about that number and let it sink in. In one of the richest countries of the world, adults and children suffer needlessly.

Doesn’t the government help feed those in need? Not as they did in before. In the 1980’s, when an economic crisis hit this country. Programs were then slashed as more people were need of assistance with the basic issue – hunger.

“The reason people are going hungry is not because of shortage of food. It is because of poverty” states Raj Patel, author.  And that is the gut wrenching truth. A Place at the Table points this out by following the story of three people. People that may be your neighbors, your co-workers, your fellow church goers. No one wears a sign declaring that they are hungry.

A Place at the Table Hunger in The USA

The blame for hunger is the USA is on our government, because of the paltry amount of money that is spent on hunger. For example, the average food stamp benefit is under $5 a day. Could you live on that?

In order to make that money last, food stamps are spent on the cheapest food – processed food.  Fresh fruit and vegetable cost too much money. Empty calories can cause or worsen health problems and increase obesity in both adults and children. Being hungry hurts. It hurts individuals and hurts us as a nation.

Visit A Place at the Table website to learn how you can help end hunger in the USA. Find the schedule of play dates. Contact Congress and make voting decisions based on stances taken on hunger.

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