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The book Creative Thinking For Dummies challenges long held beliefs about creativeness. David Cox, the author, inspires and educates on new ways of thinking. Beginning with a definition of creativity, teaching how to get back in the groove by using various methods and ending with examples of businesses, people, etc. who used inventiveness provides a road map for readers.

Like all “Dummies” books, the format is easy to follow. Take special attention to highlights and reminders. Look out for technical or difficult stuff. Choose to read it, or ignore it.

Creative Thinking Book

Lots of people believe that they are not creative. But in Creative Thinking For Dummies you are challenged to rethink this. David Cox believes that we were born creative and lost our way. The suggestion is to first find ways to be curious and adapt that state of mind into everyday life.

Suggestions and examples of tuning into inspiration are provided. There are so many, including music, politics, dreams, religion, etc. The next step is to actually be creative and committing to living this type of lifestyle. Start with an idea or a problem, use the techniques you learned and asses the result.

Creative living can be used personally, to solve problems and for work. In fact, the benefits can change your life for the better. You’ll read the “Part of Tens “which includes 10 ideas that were thought impossible but became some of the most well-known inventions, 10 creative businesses, etc. that will inspire you.

Creative Thinking For Dummies is an inspirational book that helps you look beyond your doubts and insecurities. The different skills suggested work for different types of people. And the examples of successes stimulate you to work towards a goal.

Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes by Global Influence and Wiley. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used.

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