Remembering Sandy Hook Victim: Charlotte Bacon #26acts

This post is dedicated to remembering Charlotte Bacon, one of the shooting victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I stopped in my tracks when I heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook. It seemed unreal, especially as I learned about the ages of the victims. I sobbed for the parents and families of those that had died. Most of all, I wanted to do something, anything to help, to stop this sorrow.

It has been 48 days since that horrific day Newtown, Connecticut. Most of us have not forgotten, but it may not have that raw emotion to it. We go about our lives, maybe saying “I love you” or hugging our children more often.

To pay respect to the victims, I and some members of the Global Team of 200, wanted to keep the memory of the victims alive and continue the 26 Acts of Kindness started by Ann Curry. We hope that being kind to others can become a lifelong goal.

Random Acts of Kindness

For inspiration, here are some acts of kindness that my family and I have done:

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter – one of the days we did this, we did it in memory of Charlotte Bacon who loved animals
  • Leave coupons at various stores
  • Pick up trash cans for our neighbors
  • Leave money for person next in line at drive through
  • Give food or small amounts of money to homeless people

At the end of the day, I try to leave a “kindness” tweet that also goes to my Facebook page. It begins with “Do Something Nice For Someone Else and…” I do my best to help other bloggers when they have a question and pay it forward when someone helps me. (This is not about bragging, but meant to encourage you.)

Charlotte Bacon, victim Sandy Hook

About Charlotte Bacon, age 6:

Charlotte was an extraordinarily gifted six year old who filled her family each day with joy and love. The family will forever remember her beautiful smile, her energy for life, and the unique way she expressed her individuality, usually with the color pink. Charlotte never met an animal she didn’t love and since the age of two wanted to be a veterinarian. She also enjoyed practicing Tae Kwon Do weekly with her dad and brother where she relished kicking and throwing punches!

from: Obituaries

I pray that you will begin or continue a legacy of acts of kindness in memory of Charlotte Bacon. Just picture her face, think about the life she had ahead of her, or consider how her parents are grieving.

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  1. That was a really tragic event, and I still can’t believe myself of what happened. I sometimes give small donations to some charities that I know are really helping people in need. There’s no way to know on when or how are going to leave this earth, so we just have to be prepared all the time.

  2. You know, whenever I hear about a school shooting, it scares me. I always think that it could happen at one of the schools I sub in and it terrifies me. I’m glad you are highlighting Charlotte. She deserves at least that.
    Lindsay wrote this fabulous post..Shot@Life Champion Summit DelegateMy Profile

  3. Sweet post, thanks for sharing.
    Cindy wrote this fabulous post..Win it Wednesday 2-6-13My Profile

  4. vickie couturier

    I try to do something kind everyday in their memory

  5. This is truly a beautiful way to honor Charlotte and all the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting.
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  6. A beautiful tribute!

  7. I love your simple ideas for showing simple acts of kindness. Thank you for remembering and honoring Charlotte today.

  8. Love this and adore you for doing it. May those children rest in peace and may their families one day find solace in the acts of kindness that were done on their behalf.
    Jessica wrote this fabulous post..Be Charitable By Staying FitMy Profile

  9. I love the 26 acts of kindness. This is a wonderful way to remember these innocent and amazing kids/teachers. I am inspired, Connie, to do some good too!
    Annie wrote this fabulous post..Twyxt App: A free iPhone app for making marriage betterMy Profile

  10. I will never forget that day and I hope it is one that we as a nation never have to experience again. I love that you are doing little things to help others out and be a positive force Connie.
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  11. Lovely post.

    Beautiful sentiment.

    This touched me this morning.

  12. What a wonderful and beautiful post.

  13. Kindness is the answer.

  14. OMG i hope this never EVER happens again.
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