Fun at Work Day as a Blogger

Today is Fun at Work Day. As a blogger, I have fun at work, especially since I work at home. Some of it is the ordinary kind of fun stuff. Some of it pretty outlandish wacky stuff. But, it’s all in a day’s work.

We can choose our attitude while we work. We can even whistle while we work. Let’s go over some of the fun parts in a day’s work as a blogger.

How I Have Fun at Work:

Wearing whatever I want – I wear pajamas, silly slippers, yoga pants, frumpy clothes that are about 5 years old, and I am TBO – take bra off (braless).

Silly Slippers for fun at work day

Multitasking – I listen to loud music, watch TV or movies, play online or game apps, and talk on the phone. Notice I didn’t mention housework, laundry or cooking. “I have to concentrate” is what I tell my husband.

Having my own time schedule – If you see me online at 2 am, I’m probably working. My body clock is all messed up and I lean towards being a night owl. Blogging from home is perfect for me.

Daydreaming – It’s called planning, preparing, creating, but I actually let my mind wander. Don’t tell anyone.

Naptime – When I feel sleepy and catch my eyes closing, it’s time to take a nap.

Reading email pitches – I get some of the strangest, laugh out loud email pitches for product reviews, or asking for me to write about something for high resolution photos.

Internet browsing – Searching for funny videos, images, websites and blogs can make my work at home day go by a lot faster. It’s even better when I share my finds with friends. This is often called shiny object syndrome.

Daydream - Shiny Object Syndrome

Decorating – My mom cave, where I usually work, always needs updating. You know, kind of like moving the furniture around for fun.

Being silly – Since no one can see what I’m doing while I work, I can be as immature as I want. Some of my best stunts are adding captions to photos, pretending it’s a school dress up day (odd sock day, hat day), and making funny faces. What may be silly to me may not be silly to you, but I always make myself laugh.

Hanging out on Twitter and Facebook – Of course, I need to network so social media is very important to blogging; however I spend a lot of time catching up with friends.

What do you do to have fun at work if you’re a blogger and work from home or work in an office?

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  1. I don’t have to worry about the bra thing (lol), but I’m fairly relaxed with my clothes as well… if I’m wearing any here and there. But it’s amazing how our hours change when working from home isn’t it? I’m regularly up between 3 & 4 AM doing my thing.
    Mitch Mitchell wrote this fabulous post..Innovation And BloggingMy Profile

  2. I admire those who can work at home. I honestly want to try sometime, but the fact that I know I won’t be able to finish anything when I’m on my comfort zone kinda stops me from getting a freelance job. That gaming thing? I’m kinda addicted to rpg, I spend a minimum of 5 hrs when I sit down on my computer playing games, plus the people at home are insane. So good for you! 😉


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    Fun at Work Day as a Blogger…

    Today is Fun at Work Day. As a blogger, I have fun at work, especially since I work at home. Some of…

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