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While I was sick this past week, I had time to play around with my Windows HTC 8X phone. I found my favorite social media apps (so far). I complained earlier that there weren’t many of this type of apps, especially those that I am used to using. Given time to research, though I found some that are pretty close.

Social Media Apps for Windows 8X Phone:

Metrogram – Similar to Instagram, but you can’t post photos. You will see the users’ photos you follow, can search for users or tags, like, comment and share photos.

Rowin Social Media AppRowi – I heard people singing the praises of this Twitter third party app so I had to give it a spin. I’m a fan of Hootsuite and this app has similar settings. Make lists or timelines, such as Mentions, your tweets, favorites. It’s easy to send tweets, retweet, add photos and chose what notifications to get.

Me Tweets – Another Twitter client similar to Rowi, but you can schedule tweets. I’m still trying this out so no decision on which is better yet.

Facebook Touch – I have the Facebook app installed, but Touch is a much faster client app that allows me to customize my experience. I can view just my friend’s feds, search messages, friends and groups, chat, and send messages. I find it much quicker that the Facebook app.

Pinspiration Social Media App Windows 8x PhonwPinspiration– Similar to Pinterest, this app allows you to browse, search and add photos (but only photos that you take or have on your camera roll.

Keep on the lookout for more information, including more social media apps and other type apps for my Windows 8X phone as I continue to try it out.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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