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I’m considering this year a new chapter in my life and a word to help me focus on my goals is DETERMINED. Instead of making resolutions for 2013, I created goals that I can keep track of and work towards achieving.

The word Determined is powerful. And it’s just what I need right now. In the past few years, I have given in to what life throws at me in a negative way. Struggles with my health would cause me to go into a depression. Family problems set me into a tail spin. Sure I worked through them, but the time wasted on emotional upheavals took a toll.

Determined Word for the Year

It took a toll on my health, making it worse. It took a toll on my work (blogging) because I felt like I wasn’t good enough to write or was too tired to do anything.  This past year, health issues with my daughter really brought me down. Although I was an advocate for her and shared the information I learned, I felt like a failure.

In the last few months, my soul searching began. I deserved better. Recognizing that I wasn’t the cause of the negative things in life was a big step in the right direction. Accepting that my mistakes were and are a normal part of being human brought me relief. Putting up boundaries for those family members who are too needy and selfish is healthy.

To continue being positive, to reach my goals, I need to be Determined – “firmly resolved” per Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Have you chosen a word for the year?

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Living in the Tampa Bay area, I'm lucky enough to see beautiful sunsets almost every day. Although life can be difficult at times, focusing on the positive and being with my family is what gets me through.

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