Every Child Deserves a Shot at Falling in Love #ShotatLife

Children deserve many things – those that can be bought with money (food, shelter, clothing) and those that have no financial ties (love, comfort, playtime).  There are needs that some of us believe depend on whether their parents can afford them or that some of us believe don’t depend on money or where they live – education, healthcare, safety, a long life, falling in love etc. I believe that physical and emotional needs are human rights and all children deserve them no matter the circumstances they live in. A ShotatLife.org provides vaccines to children in need so they can have a chance at reaching milestones.

“Around the world a child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that can be prevented by a vaccine.”

Imagine living in a country where your child’s life can be cut short because of a lack of vaccines – knowing that she may not reach milestones like walking, or reading and mourning over the thought of her not being able to kick a ball or to fly a kite. Perhaps your child will fall sick with Pneumococcal Disease, the measles or Rotovirus, which can be prevented with vaccines. These sicknesses kill. Children, often very young children, die.

“Immunization saves 2.5 million children every year.”

If your child lives in Hondurous though, the second poorest country in South America, she has a chance to reach adulthood and fall in love. Although it wasn’t easy to achieve, A ShotatLife.org has witnessed first hand that Honduras “has one of the highest vaccination coverage rates in the world, averaging close to 99 percent.”

Shot At Life Girl in Honduras

Teams of people in the communities of Honduras work together to get children vaccinated. It starts with Midwives who teach parents to vaccinate their infants. Teachers remind parents. Police provide security during vaccination deliveries. The collaboration of volunteers, professionals, doctors and other medical professionals, donors, the media, etc. proves that children can be vaccinated in poor countries.

“Invest in a healthier world. Immunize a child.”

Every child deserves to be healthy, safe and loved. After all children do not choose to be brought into this world, or to be born in an area where there is a shortage of food or healthcare, or to be born to parents who can’t provide for them. A ShotALife.org recognizes this and works to provide vaccines to children in needy areas of the world.

You can help.

After attending the Type-A Parent Conference and meeting the caring and knowledgeable women of a Shot At Life, I knew I had to take part in their campaign to spread awareness about the work they do to save children’s lives. I was given 3 prompts – the milestone of falling in love, the photo of the sweet girl in Honduras and the country Honduras – to write this post. Take the time to share this post, so others will learn about a ShotatLife.org and want to help.

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  1. I’ll be writing my post later this week, but yours pretty much says it all. Thank you for your amazing way with words, Connie!
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  2. ellen

    This si a great program- and vaccines are very inexpensive to do compared to the care needed if the diseases are contracted.

    Thanks for the nice post!

  3. What a great cause!
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  4. I did a post for this as well after meeting with them at Type A. It’s a great cause and I’m proud to have spread the word about them. Is it weird that I was expecting you to post about it since I knew you were there and you post about good causes?
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  5. Thanks for sharing.
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  6. Good post! You are always teaching me something!

  7. it’s hard to imagine a world where children die regularly from lack of vaccinations.
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  8. As parents, it is our responsibility to give everything for our children. So, it is necessary to plan very well when we want to form a family. Make it sure that we are ready already and we can provide the needs of our kids such as exact foods, good school and many more.
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