Don’t Judge Victims of Aurora Colorado Shooting

The Aurora, Colorado shooting is a tragedy, one that no one attending the midnight movie could have foreseen. And it’s a topic that everyone is talking about, blogging about, tweeting about, etc. Some, though for the very wrong reason – the judgement of people’s behavior.

Let’s keep in mind that people are hurting. Some are mourning the loss of loved ones. Others are hurting physically as they heal from injuries and will probably have emotional scars for a long time. Even those that weren’t injured may be in shock or are having flashbacks. I can’t even imagine their fear. So why do we pass judgements?

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Parents who brought babies and young children to this midnight premier movie are dealing with indescribable pain as they tried to save their families and themselves from a gunman who shot indiscriminately. The shooting began in one auditorium and may have moved into another in a 16 multiplex theater. Do you think that parents with infants and children were in the other auditoriums? In other movie theaters through the state? The country?

Some say the parents were irresponsible, but how do we know what type of parents they are by one act? I will not provide reasons as to why parents bring young children to midnight movies, even though there are many. I’d rather focus on praying, sending positive energy and supporting victims than passing judgement on innocent victims. I hope you will do the same.

To help the victims, families, and those displaced out of their homes because of the shooter please stay updated with news from the Aurora Sentinel.

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  1. Oh, I totally agree. What these victims need is prayers, not judgments. My daughter (junior in high school) was at a midnight showing of the movie with friends. It horrifies me to think she might have experienced anything like that.
    Lolli wrote this fabulous post..Michael Phelps, London 2012 Olympic Games #VisaGoWorldMy Profile

    • Oh Lolli, that is such a frightening thought and an example of the unknown for those in Aurora. Thank goodness your daughter is OK. I wonder if it has affected her emotionally?

  2. It totally agree. Talk about focusing on something that doesn’t really matter! What matters is the comfort and support that these people need instead of criticism.
    Alicia wrote this fabulous post..Umi Shoes Hayman Review & a $60 G.C. GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Such a tragedy. My heart aches for anyone who loses a loved one ex specially a child.
    amber wrote this fabulous post..Kids In The Kitchen + Learn Through Play LinkyMy Profile

  4. I saw a few judgements but I saw more discussions about the appropriateness of the movie for kids. Which are good discussions to have.
    Kate, aka Guavalicious wrote this fabulous post..Why Can’t I Quit You Christian Chicken?My Profile

  5. Well said, Connie. Though I don’t necessarily agree with taking a young child to a midnight movie, it is of no fault of the parents that their children were harmed or killed. The parents are not to blame, the gunman is to blame. There are no words that can take away their pain right now. They deserve our love and sympathies.
    Jessica wrote this fabulous post..Comment on Celebrities who Give Back: Idina Menzel & Taye Diggs by Rachel backngroovemomMy Profile

    • Jessica, I may or may not make that choice for my children, but I don’t have the right decide what other parents do with their children unless it’s abusive or neglectful behavior. Even family members don’t agree with what we do with our children! I stay out of it.

  6. I agree with you. It’s summer. My son loves Batman too. Maybe those younger children where there as a special treat. As for the very little infants, they would have slept through the movie in their carriers. I definitely don’t fault those parents just trying to get a night out.
    Lisa wrote this fabulous post..Dear Public Relations Firms, Please Read My Blog Before You Pitch MeMy Profile

  7. Good point. We shouldn’t judge them since we have no idea what their situation was. We shouldn’t judge them but just try to help them.
    Lindsay wrote this fabulous post..McDonald’s McCafe Beverage GiveawayMy Profile

  8. No judgement here, just facts. The movie is not appropriate for children under 17 and they shouldn’t have been there. My friend Christina wrote a great post about it
    Cindy wrote this fabulous post..Tuesday Tips-Things to Do in Orlando That Aren’t Theme ParksMy Profile

    • But, Cindy it’s still judgement when you say children shouldn’t have been there. This was a tragedy that no one could foresee. I stand by my words.

  9. Who cares if they had a baby in the show and why. It was their child and their decision. People need to get a life and be thankful didn’t get shot while watching a movie.

  10. ellen

    I think it is cruel to put the blame on anyone but the person who caused it to happen.

  11. i think people saying what’s wrong with parents who bring babies are just making a knee jerk reaction because they dont know where to direct their anger and frustration.
    pammypam wrote this fabulous post..What to Pack for PhillyHomeHer12My Profile