How to Choose a Blog Conference

You can find all types of blog conferences; those that deal with specific blog niches, those that teach blogging skills, those that are hyperlocal, etc. Choosing a conference depends on your blog’s goals, what you can afford, and your personality.

Determine Your Blog Goals

Before you decide on a conference, it is important to know your blog goals. Some people have a business plan since their goal is to earn money from their blog. Others want to share information: parenting, social issues, gardening, etc. Some want to write well and move onto other writing gigs.

Search for blogging conferences that meet your goals. Read the full description of the conference and the sessions. Determine if most of the sessions will teach you something new. Learn about the speakers – read their blogs, look into any books they have written, other speaking gigs, and testimonials about them. If you want to connect with brands, be sure to check into the expo hall and sponsors.

Financial Concerns

Some conferences can be quite expensive, while others are affordable or have options to lower the price in various ways. Consider sponsorships if the conference allows it. Know all the rules of sponsorships and follow them. Look into volunteering, early bird pricing, student rates, etc. Think through the other expenses such as travel, food, clothing, business cards, your hotel stay, tips, etc.

You can lower some of the extra costs by driving with other people attending the conference, finding roommates, or finding sponsors for items such as your wardrobe or business cards (remember those sponsorship rules).

Your Personality vs. The Conference

If you are shy or introverted, a large conference can be overwhelming. Consider starting out with a conference that has a low number of attendees or a one day conference close to home.  If you are comfortable being around people and have attended seminars or meetings before, you will most likely feel right at home at a large conference. Even if you haven’t spoken before, apply to be a speaker or be on a panel if you have information to share.

As difficult as it may be, getting out of your comfort zone will help you grow as a person and open doors for you as a blogger. The one thing to keep in mind is that there are many other people who feel just as shy or out of sorts as you do. Before you leave, find one of your on line friends and ask if they will assist you to navigate through the sessions and parties and introduce you to others.

Type-A Parent Conferenc

Sources of Blogging Conferences

Mom Blog Magazine lists the 2012 Mom Conferences. Most of these are annual events. Peruse the list and bookmark the sites that interest you for next year or sign up for those in the coming months. The Mommy Blogger Directory provides a list of this year and 2013 conferences with detailed information.

I just returned from the Type-A Parent Conference. It is one of the smaller conferences that helps you gain knowledge about blogging and social networking. I highly recommend it whether you are a newbie or experienced blogger. You can dress casually or bring out the business attire. For parties, you’ll see everything from dresses to jeans and flip flops. People are friendly and helpful. You get your money’s worth in education and networking. And you’ll meet many different types of bloggers.

I was not paid to write this post, but wanted to share my thoughts about Type-A Parent Conference.

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  1. Great tips Connie! I would add that you should ask your friends who already have attended conferences what there thoughts are on the ones they have attended. While it is all opinion, they can give you insight into the overall vibe of a conference. This can be helpful in selecting which ones to go to.
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  2. Great post. I love that you write about this one. For me, I often attend blog conferences that could really help me a lot. Those conferences that would really help me us a blogger also.
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  3. A friend of mine just came back from the Type-A conference too, and she also spoke highly of it. Thanks for this well-organized list.

  4. Really great info! Thanks!

    I’m attending Blogher this August and I’m nervous/excited about it. I can’t wait to meet some of my blogging friends in person, though. Next year, I’d like attend Type-A. I’ve heard such great things about that one too.
    Run DMT wrote this fabulous post..Shot Heard ‘Round the World and FireworksMy Profile

  5. Excellent article! I (sadly) most often chose my conferences based on price and convenience of location. There are a few conferences I would LOVE to attend based on what my friends have recommended, but because of location, I haven’t been able to.
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  8. These are all great tips, Connie! I really want to go to Type-A next year – I loved following along on Twitter from home this year, sounds like it’s a fantastic conference!
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