Wordless Wednesday – Red Pillow Disney Fantasy #TMOMDisney

My Wordless Wednesday is the famous red pillow on the beds of the Disney Fantasy. When your room steward turns down your bed, the pillow is flipped around so you see this:

Red Pillow Disney Fantasy

And a closer view:

Red Pillow saying Disney Fantasy

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  1. I love it! I never noticed when we were on the ship.

  2. Nice i so want to go on the ship hopeful you saw it because you went.
    Sherry wrote this fabulous post..Ripped the head off a bunnyMy Profile

  3. Who doesn’t love Disney? Great photo to share. I love that quote. We are also hosting a linkup and encourage you to add your post. We pinned it to our Pinterest board. 😉

  4. This posts makes me so excited about our upcoming Disney cruise in TWO WEEKS! I love all things Disney but their cruises are extra amazing in my opinion.
    MommaDJane wrote this fabulous post..One Tree Hill – Tuesday TunesMy Profile

  5. Proof that the little things matter. I adore this special touch! Go Disney!

  6. That would make me smile each time I saw it! Can they come turn my sheets down? =)
    Mimi wrote this fabulous post..Country Bobs Barbeque Sauce : Spring Fever EVent highlightMy Profile

  7. I really really want to go on a Disney cruise with my family. My oldest will be 5 this year and she wants to meet the princesses – I think a disney cruise will be better than disney world at this point. I love that pillow – they really have some beautiful details :)

  8. Crystall says:

    I’d love to have this kind of pillow for my daughter who is a fan of Disney Channel… I am sure she will be glad to have this…

  9. LOVE!!
    Nicolle B. wrote this fabulous post..HOP on Blu-ray/DVD now! #EasterMy Profile

  10. Love this!!
    Kate, aka guavalicious wrote this fabulous post..LiveOn at SXSWi : Go Midwest!My Profile

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