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Imagine a credit card company that listens to their community: the people, who use their card, pay their bills and sometimes have to pay interest. Sounds unreal? Well, reality has set in and I invite you to learn about Barclaycard Ring. Instead of an unknown board of directors making decisions about increasing interest rates, Barclaycard Ring goes to their online community to get opinions. They use social media and know how to make business personal.

Barclaycard Ring Credit Card

The Barclaycard Ring Community

After you apply and are approved for a Barclaycard, you are invited to their online forum, where transparency is of the utmost importance to Barclaycard. They share the company’s finances so you can make informed decisions about changes to the card. Should the interest rate be increased? Should a rewards program be started? Should the Giveback(SM) program (somewhat like profit sharing) be put on hold for a longer period of time?

You’ll be able to read your statements, interact with other community members, learn about financial issues and give feedback to Barclaycard about service, both good and bad. It has been through vigorous testing since December but the online community is open now and ready for more members.

Barclaycard Ring and Social Media

Companies who “get” social media are ones that I like to give my business to. They are the ones that are leading the fold and have good futures ahead of them. Just the idea that I can vote on issues concerning my own credit card, voice my opinions and get a quick reply is surprising. Crowd-sourcing for answers? I’m all for it. I spend most of my time online, so why should I have to make a call, go through the prompts, be put on hold and then speak to strangers about a problem with my credit card? I want instant gratification!

Barclaycard Ring and Transparency

I also like the low interest rate of just 8%. And it won’t go higher unless the community agrees. There’s no annual fee, or transfer balance fees on Barclaycard. Plus it’s a lot easier to trust a company that believes in being transparent. If I can see both what they are earning and losing, I’m willing to go the extra mile and tell my friends about them. This is more than a business; it has the personal touch consumers want.

This is a sponsored post for Barclaycard Ring and Dweeb Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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