I Have Amazing News!

What amazing news to share! My daughter, Sammi had her second sleep and nap study recently and the results show that she does NOT have Narcolepsy!! We are thrilled! And this is going to bring about positive changes for Sammi as we work with the neurologist, who did the new studies and her school, who is working with her IEP.


What the Sleep and Nap Studies Told Us

The studies were done months after Sammi had her tonsils and adenoids out. The doctor wanted to be sure that she was completely recovered before proceeding with the studies. The Sleep Study – Polysomnogram showed normal sleep and REM patterns. During the Nap Study – Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), Sammi only fell asleep two times out of five naps compared to four at the last study. She did not go into REM at all this time. These are normal studies.

The Reason for the Normal Results

According to the neurologist, removing Sammi’s extremely enlarged tonsils and adenoids improved her sleep pattern. She believes that the diagnosis of narcolepsy was incorrect because Sammi had excessive daytime sleepiness and none of the other symptoms of narcolepsy. Plus the previous sleep and nap studies did not measure her Carbon Dioxide levels, which should be done for children.

What is Ahead for Sammi

We are working with Sammi on Sleep Hygiene with more specific details, such as no video games one hour before bedtime, using Melatonin, teaching her breathing techniques and other relaxation techniques to use at bedtime, etc. Sammi is increasing her in school classes from two to four for the rest of the year. We have requested another Academic Evaluation since the first one was done before her tonsillectomy and showed a processing disorder. If the results are the same, the neurologist will assist us with this.

This is such amazing news, something I never thought possible. But, getting a second opinion can always be helpful. I highly recommend it.

Do you have amazing news to share? Let me know so we can celebrate together.

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  1. This is such good news!

  2. Jennifer Leet

    That is amazing news Ash and I can’t wait to see you guys again!!!! Then we can hug you both!

  3. Elizabeth

    This is great news

  4. Allison says:

    Great news! So happy for you both!

  5. Wonderful news! I am sure this brings much relief and happiness!
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  6. This is fantastic news for Sammi!!!

    It makes you (well me anyway) if tonsils / adenoid removal isn’t the horrible thing after all. Years ago, tonsils/adenoids were removed much quicker than they are now…. poor kid could have had them out earlier and it might have made all the difference in the world for her!

    I hope to keep reading more positive things and am so glad she is progressing so well!

    • So true, Ellen. We asked about her tonsils and adenoids being removed for years, after so many throat infections. And you’d think after the first sleep study, it would be done then. Ah well, we’re thrilled that we have a new doctor who did the right thing.

  7. That is great news!