My Bliss Has Been Found Again 2

Even though I’m not attending the Blissdom Blogging Conference this weekend, I’m thankful that my Bliss has been found again.  And to prove it, I’ve decided to take part in the “Found My Bliss” Blogging Party for those of us who aren’t at the conference.

You see, I lost my Bliss for a while. Health stuff, family problems and income woes had me down and depressed. Then I started to think about those who have it so much worse than I do. And I think about the things in my life that I take advantage of. Those that I should be grateful for and should bring me Bliss. It’s easy now to list the things that bring me Bliss.

Found My BlissBliss is:

  • reading a book that I can’t put down.
  • laughing with family over a story you’ve heard a hundred times before.
  • when my cat jumps up on my lap just because.
  • hearing the ocean’s waves.
  • having a place to write about my feelings and getting validation about them.
  • jumping on a hotel bed.
  • remembering everything on my grocery list.
  • getting a hug from my daughter.
  • finding almost popped popcorn kernels and crunching on them.
  • having a brand coupon and a store coupon at the same time.
  • connecting with someone online even though we’ve never met.
  • meeting that person in real life and connecting even more.
  • eating a sweet, hot out of the oven piece of cake topped with ice cream, or just the cake, or just the ice cream.
  • finding clothes that my 13 year old daughter likes.
  • listening to music I love loud and singing along even louder.
  • cuddling with my husband.
  • having enough money to pay the bills and go out for lunch.
  • sleeping in.
  • going on a trip.

Link back to the “Found My Bliss” Blogging Party with TaraRobyn, Amy and Jessica and share your Bliss. The Linky will be open through 11:59 pm Sunday.

Photo Credit: Tara Zigemont from Feels Like Home Blog.

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