My Health Update

It’s about time that I gave you an update on my health. Since I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t been blogging. I’ve pretty much given up on social media, except for a few tweets and facebook updates. So here goes:

Back around Thanksgiving, I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I passed one, but still didn’t feel well. Off I went to see a urologist, who recommended a Cystoscopy to see if any damage had been done when I passed the stone. I ended up with a stent and no real explanation of what to expect during the time I had the stent. To put it lightly, it hurt…a lot. About a week later, the stent was removed and still no relief. This health update is going to mention pain a lot, so be prepared.

December 16th

I ended up at the ER, where I was made to feel as if I was a complainer who couldn’t deal with pain and a drug seeking patient. This happened even with my urologist being called it to assist the ER doctor. Long story short, the urologist did notice that my stomach was distended (something I was telling him for 2 weeks) so I had some uncomfortable tests done, which showed nothing. Then I was sent home with the diagnosis of a UTI and a prescription for a new antibiotic.

We actually were going to Disney World to celebrate Sammi’s 13th birthday, which the urologist said would be fine. I was feeling good because of some IV pain meds that I was given in the ER and I didn’t want to miss out on a trip to Disney, so off we went. I lasted until midway through breakfast, when the pain hit again. Thank goodness we ate at our hotel, so I could rush back up to our room.

Not to be gross, but I peed 20 something times in 30 minutes. Scared about this, I called the urologist. He never called back (this was common). I stayed in the room, peeing and hurting all of Saturday while Shawn and Sammi visited the parks and celebrated her birthday. On Sunday, they went to Downtown Disney, while I rested and peed some more.

December 20th

A few days later, still suffering, my husband made an emergency appointment for me with our family doctor. She took one look at me and knew things were bad. I had another CT scan done and was admitted to the hospital the next day. Another Cystocopy was done and I was sent home on December 24th. The only thing that was found was that my kidney was enlarged. Of course I had another stent put in, so I was hurting all through Christmas Day and days after. I had the stent removed almost a week later and all of my pain and symptoms were blamed on the stent. Huh? Right after that doctor visit, I made an appointment with another urologist for a second opinion.

January 9th

hydronephrosis by ultrasound

Ultrasound showing Hydrohephrosis

The new doctor actually examined me and looked through all of my medical notes. I had an ultrasound of my kidneys, which showed fluid in the right kidney, called hydronephrosis. So a kidney scan was scheduled. That showed a sluggish kidney with some obstruction. I should hear from the new doctor on Tuesday with more information.

The new urologist explained that because of the other medical conditions I have, that I would feel worse than someone who is healthy. Also, I’m on immunosuppressant medication which could cause me to reject the stent and/or have an underlying infection. I’m pretty much in bed most of the time because of the pain, weakness and exhaustion, but I see light at the end of the tunnel with this new doctor.

I’d appreciate if you’d pray for me and send me some healing vibes. I really need them.

Image: by James Heilman, MD.

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  1. I hope you feel better Connie and have a speedy recovery.

  2. That’s awful. I hope you feel better and get back to normal real soon!

  3. Oh hun. I am so glad you got a second opinion and this Dr is being very thorough with you. Keep us posted on how you are and email me if you ever want to talk. *HUGS*

    • I’m glad I finally got my own health advocate feathers’ ruffled so I got that second opinion, Shana. It was worth it. Thanks for the offer to talk. I may take you up on it!

  4. Unfortunately it is tough sometimes to find a doctor who will stop and listen to you! I’m glad this new one is listening!! Wishing you well very soon!

    • It is, Dawn, especially when you don’t have time to get a referral for a doctor. I’m over the moon about my new doctor. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. I absolute agree that the first thing is to find the perfect doctor for you. Unfortunately the most of them aren’t really good, and if you don’t have only a flu their knowledge stops. I think your new doc will fit you and you’ll get better as soon as possible;) best wishes!


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