Two Kidney Stones and A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The holiday season and the songs that we remind us of good cheer bring a twinkle to my eye and a pain in my side. It’s really not because of the holidays or the songs, but probably because of all of the medications I take, that I developed kidney stones over Thanksgiving. I take a lot of prescriptions medications and some over the counter vitamins that I need because of deficiencies. One of my prescriptions is a diurectic. I drink lots of water, but now I’ve learned it’s still not enough.

Because of that (most likely), I ended up with kidney stones. I felt kinda sick on Thanksgiving, but I figured it was because I ate too much. My stomach hurt a little on and off and by bed time, I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t sleep very well, but got up early the next day because my daughter had a doctor’s appointment. My husband then wanted to go to the AAFES store to do some shopping and all I could think of was going back to bed. I knew something was wrong then. Me, not want to shop? I didn’t feel like eating either and had just a bit of left overs that night for dinner.

By that night, I was in a lot of pain. My whole stomach hurt and the nausea was much worse. Every movement felt like stabbing, but I kept having to get up to go pee. I felt a lot of pressure and the pain just kept getting worse. Around 6 AM, I swore it was my appendix. The pain felt as bad as labor. My husband called 911 because we thought my appendix had burst. I was shivering and sweating, nauseous and even a tiny movement had me yelling out from this darn kidney stone pain.

Long story short, I learned I had 2 kidney stones. I ended up passing one on Saturday night, which was even more painful than Friday’s torture. But, it was over. The other kidney stone was in my kidney and there were multiple small ones that I didn’t need to worry about. I had an appointment with a urologist to check on me coming up.

Well, my appointment was Monday and by then the pain was similar to Thanksgiving day, but with added back pain and pressure. Because of my underlying medical problems and the possibility that I may have done some damage when I passed the kidney stone, the doctor suggested a Cystoscopy. I’ll be having that done this Thursday and staying overnight. I’m not happy about having surgery and being in the hospital, but if it gets rid of this pain, I’ll deal with it.

It feels empowering to know that I went through the kind of pain that the Heavy Weight Boxer, Wladimir Klitschko called, “hell” and survived!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon.. i’ve been dealing with them for 6 years now and they are no fun.

  2. Sending lots of well-wishes your way that you feel better soon!
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  3. I am so sorry to hear about this my friend. Call or email if you need to talk. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. Oh my, sorry to hear that- I pray that your procedure goes welll for you with no problems. I cannot imagine the pain. My adult son has two either in his urethra or ureta and waiting for them to pass. Gosh it must be hell for men as they are made a little different than we are. But there is a med for men that can help to pass- Flomax- kind of don’t think they can use that on woman cause it is also a prostate med.
    You probably know this, but according to the type of stone it is what you can know eat can be an issue. Did you know that tea is bad ? My son drank a huge amount of ice tea.
    Rhubarb is the worst culprit- like who eats a lot of that ? But gee spinach is bad ! And other normally good veggies. Google has a lot of lists.
    Check with your dr. to see if even though it was caused by meds if you have to watch on certain foods also now. May you never get them again.


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