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Jungle Speed is an exciting game of quick thinking and lightning fast reflexes.  For ages 8 and over, and 2 to 10 players, choose Jungle Speed as a holiday gift. If you like action, laughter and family entertainment, this is the game for you.
Jungle Speed Game

Think classic card games Spoons or WAR with embellished cards containing abstract shapes and colors. Then add a to race to grab the totem when you find an identical match (colors don’t matter). The faster player gets to dump off all of their cards. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds…the cards may look similar, almost identical, but there’s slight differences to mess with your head! And three special cards can change the outcome of Jungle Speed in a flash. The winner is the one who gets rid of all their cards.

Watch this commercial about Jungle Speed to see how fast and fun play is:

Jungle Speed contains a cloth bag, 80 cards, one totem and one rule book. It sells for about $24 at major retailers and at Amazon.com

I was provided with a Jungle Speed game and one will be provided for the giveaway. Affiliate links are included.

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