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Another Blogblast for Peace, this November 4th 2011. I choose to believe in and work towards the goal of peace and am grateful to Mimi of Mimi Writes, who organizes this each year. Her post about remaking peace will inspire you to join us, the dreamers and doers of peace. You have all day to take part and all you have to do is write something about what peace means to you.

Blog Blast For Peace

Most important things in life take effort – finishing school, losing weight, getting a promotion at work.  We even have to put work into the wonderful things in our lives like our relationships. Peace takes a lot of work. It’s more than a belief or a feeling. It’s not something we can attain alone, although inner peace can guide us. Grassroots organizations like this are a start, especially when shared. It’s time to take the long road and meet on the other side…

Real peace

Real peace is

where people respect one another

where life has meaning

where racism has no place

where violence is erased

where people can live in harmony

is possible.

When started by a dream

shared with others

working together

to attain the joy that humanity yearns for.

Just reach out

say something




and teach.

Use these hashtags please: #blog4peace #blogblast4peace
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