Peace is Possible From 9/11

My story about what happened to me on 9/11 isn’t important. I didn’t lose anyone close to me. I wasn’t a hero that day. But I have something more important to share with you about peace and 9/11, especially on the 10th anniversary of this tragic day.

What Do You Mean About Peace?

I know it’s hard to put the images we remember and the anger we felt from 9/11 together with the feelings of harmony and respect or peace. It can be done though through a conscious effort. We can choose to love. To honor. To reach out to others. Remember September 11, 2011 when people gave up their lives so others could live. When strangers held strangers as they cried. When there was hope despite fear. And in the days after, we came together as a nation to lift each other up, to grieve, to feel unity. Yes, there was peace on that day in our hearts and actions.

Blog4Peace September 11

Learn Lessons About Peace

Instead of disrespecting our first responders, our heroes or those who have lost someone they love by focusing on revenge, let’s learn the lessons they gave us about peace. They put others’ lives above their own. We can honor them by doing something nice for someone else. Small gestures, large donations, a shoulder to cry on, all count. Be mindful of others needs.

Those that lost loved ones are asking us to not forget. We must teach our children, but include messages of giving back. We can attend services and memorials. We can share our feelings.


Join me and other bloggers especially the Blog4Peace Bloggers, who are writing about their thoughts on this Tenth Anniversary of 9/11. Remember that you can find peace and practice it to commemorate this day.

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  1. I love this Connie. I have been feeling the same way in light of other more recent tragedies, but I love your suggestion to teach our kids with a call to action.

  2. The hope of the world lies in their hands. I hope we do a good job teaching. They will walk what we have taught. Beautiful post.

  3. As we’ve watched coverage and discussed the events, our children ask questions about a day they do not remember. One was not even born at that time. We will never forget, and try our best to explain that peace will ultimately prevail. Your post is excellent! Thank you for sharing your perspective. Visiting from 5MfM.

  4. What a wonderful post, Connie. I don’t have a story from that day either. I was actually really young (6th grade). So, I’m not sure I even understood all of the emotions felt that day. However, I know it will be important to future generations to allow them to see this side of the feelings.
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  5. Interesting perspective.
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  6. Great post. It truly has become an important part of our US History.
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  7. Great post Connie. I remember I had had a seizure my senior year of high school and was recovering the following day in bed. My step dad came in and told us to turn the tvs on. We will never forget.
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