Supplies To Stay Organized In School

Continuing on my back to school theme let’s focus on supplies that will help you child stay organized in school. The supply list will cover elementary school through high school. Organization is a vital factor for good grades, saving time and effort and feeling more confident. It also relieves stress when you don’t need to search for notes or remember when a project is due.

Here’s a list of school supplies to keep your child organized in school:

Binder for SchoolBinders – A binder is one of the best organization methods for school.  Some students like to have a small binder for each subject, others go with one for all subjects. That is a personal or sometimes a school’s choice, but these main tips are helpful either way. Binders are usually used in grades 4 and up.

  • You are better off spending more for the well made binder than spending less for a binder that won’t make it through the year.
  • Be sure to find one that fits into your child’s backpack or school bag and isn’t too heavy to carry.
  • Binders that provide a place for everything work wonders! If it can fit folders, paper, dividers, pens, pencils, an organizer, USB Drive, etc. that is the one to buy.
  • Expandable binders are very helpful.
  • Binders that can be closed in some way, by zipper or velcro, for example help keep the items inside the binder where they belong.
  • There are binders that are large enough to be used as the main item in place of a book bag. They are closed and have a handle. Just add a smaller bag for personal items. For example this binder – Case-It 2-Inch O-Ring Zipper Binder with Removable Tab File, Purple Print (D-900-PPL-P) (D-900-PPL-P)

Folders – How many folders do we buy during back to school time each year? Do you notice that most, if not all are used though? That’s because folders can be helpful in organizing each subject, projects, notes that come home to parents, homework and extra curricular activities. Get them when they’re on sale. Be sure to purchase both regular folders and ones with holes for your binder (this is for grades 5 and up).

Labels of All Kinds

  • Dividers for binders
  • Labels for your child’s items – you can buy personalized labels or plain labels and write your child’s name. (for Kindergarten and up depending on how many things your child loses)
  • Post It Notes – I can’t even list the number of ways these can be used. Parents can write a note and stick it on a test or homework sheet with a question. Students can place one on a text book where they need clarification from their teacher. Use the Post It flags to remember a paper that needs to be handed in.
  • Label notebooks and folders with the subject name.

Dry Erase Board – Keep a dry erase board at home for homework, study or daily task reminders. This is so much easier than a calendar for younger children or with special needs who can see what needs to be done clearly and can be changed as needed.

Pencil Holder – These come in many variations, such as a pencil box that can be left in school (for Kindergarten to about 4th grade), to fabric, plastic or mesh bags. Some are made for binders. Besides pencils keep erasers, glue sticks, and other small items in one place.

Calendar – Some schools provide students with a planner that contains a calendar, a place for teachers and parents to write notes, information on days off, etc. If not, a calendar that is large enough for your child to write in and keep track of homework, tests, projects, and other school events will keep you both organized. (Grades 6 and up)

Besides supplies, maintain an area in your home for homework that is clean and quiet. Keep to a schedule for homework and studying. Go through your child’s backpack and binder until your child shows you that he is staying on top of his schoolwork. When a project or test is due, help your child begin preparing for it early and organize all schoolwork and clothing the night before the school day.

There are supplies available to help your child stay organized for school. Make use of them and be ready to assist your child throughout the school year.

What are some other supplies or methods that you use to keep your child organized during school?

Book Resource: The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond

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  1. These are wonderful tips! I love binders and labels. I’m not super organized yet, (it is a work in progress) but I am always trying. I have found the right supplies help SO much.

  2. I’m usually very organized about school, but this year I’m completely behind because of some work I’ve been focusing on. We have our supplies, but we need to label them and I need to get our calendar set. Great tip on the dry erase board! I have one in my office, but I may need at least one more just for family stuff!

  3. I loveeee school supplies! I almost got a ton yesterday when I remembered that both my kids are under 3 🙂

  4. I used to love having a binder around! Think my boss would care if I bought another one?

  5. Great tips Connie. I love shopping for school supplies for my kids but keeping them all organized can be a challenge sometimes. Thinking I may need to go out and buy a labeler now.

  6. We aren’t allowed to send any additional school supplies, so it’s kind of up to the school.

  7. I started using a planner when I was in middle school because it was required. However, now I can’t imagine my life without one – I love mine! I can’t recommend a planner enough. When used correctly, they can be really helpful. However, not all are created equal. So, I’ve found that it does take some looking to find the right one for each person. If one doesn’t work, try a different one. I’m now really picky about the planner I use.

  8. Wow this is so nostalgic. I’ve been a graduate for 2 years now and I can still remember my schooldays like it was just yesterday. My course of study involved a lot of paperwork so I had 2 or 3 binders. Although it’s not as pretty as the one on your picture.

  9. Great tips.

  10. My oldest headed off to 1st grade this week fully stocked with school supplies all labeled and ready to be used. I love back to school shopping.

  11. these are great connie! i especially like the label ideas!
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  12. Great tips. I love fresh crayons! I need to keep my boys organized. Thank you.

  13. There seems to be a growing number of kids who lose interest in homework and studies. Keeping a schedule that is strictly being adhered to for homework and studying is extremely important. Organizing the environment where they study and do their homework is very important as well. This is to make studying a whole lot enjoyable and easier for them.
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