Being Geeky With The Big Bang Theory

Have you ever considered yourself a geek after watching the Big Bang Theory? To me, geeky meant knowing a lot about science and math and being a Star Wars and Star Trek fan. Now after getting to know the characters of the show, I realize that geeky can mean being socially awkward. It even says so in the dictionary, but in a much more demeaning way.

Back in the day, I dated guys that people would consider geeks. I thought they were cute in an innocent way. And I guess I was considered geeky, since I put my foot in my mouth so often and definitely went through those awkward teenage years. The word “nerd” was used more often then, but it really meant the same.

I’m a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory because of the characters and how they interact with each other, the witty banter and the way some of the geeks try to fit in with the non-geeks. I loved the relationship between Leonard and Penny because it dramatizes the ultra geek and ultra chic getting along and learning from each other. Leonard has an IQ of 173, is a physicist and got his PHD at the age of 24. Although Leonard is amazingly smart, his idea of a good time is speaking Klingon and using his whiteboard for experiments. He is trying to break out of the mold of geek and Penny helps him. Penny is a waitress, who wants to be an actress. Her intelligence is put to the test whenever she’s around Leonard, but her street smarts always win out.  She’s always out and up on the latest fads, especially when it comes to dating.

After Leonard awkwardly kisses her, Penny takes a long time to realize that she does indeed have feelings for him. Unfortunately it happens when he’s at the North Pole for three months. Upon his return, Penny and Leonard begin a relationship where two cultures clash. But they develop a bond where they help each other out bringing out the best in both of them. I won’t tell you what happens next, but you can get the 4th Season of the Big Bang Theory on DVD and learn to love your inner geek or yourself in general. All with lots of humor and good fun.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD.

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  1. LOL, yeah, I know a little bit about being Geeky 🙂 I’m just glad I’ve lived long enough to see that
    being socially awkward has become fashionable! Thanks for the movie review, I think I’ll buy
    this one!

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