The New Harry Potter Movie or not

My daughter has been looking forward to seeing the new Harry Potter movie at one of the midnight screenings. Since this will be that last Harry Potter movie, she wants it to be special. I was happy to buy the tickets for us, even if I’m not a fan. I was just about to buy them online, when I told her that the earliest showing left was 12:40 am. Then I heard the strangest thing.

My daughter told me not to get the tickets. At first I thought she was disappointed that it wasn’t the midnight show and told her I’d try to find another movie theater. But, that wasn’t it. The real reason Sammi didn’t want me to buy the tickets was that she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go. She was worried that she’d be sick, or have trouble staying awake. You see, my daughter knows that her health problems are affecting her life. And even the new Harry Potter movie, one that’s she’s been dreaming of seeing, may have to wait.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2

I felt that all too common lump in my throat, trying to hold back the tears. It’s not fair that a 12 year old girl has to worry about her health. I’m angry that she has this burden.

You see, when a child is old enough to understand that because she’s tired so often, or because she doesn’t know from one day to the next if she’s going to feel dizzy, or a test is going to come back saying that she needs to rest, it’s hard for her mother to accept. I know there are children who are  sicker than Sammi. I know that things can be so much worse. But when it’s happening to your own child and you see the sadness in her eyes and the fear in her words, it’s as if nothing else matters.

I went ahead and bought the tickets as a surprise for her. If she can’t go, we’ll go see it another day.  If she can, we’ll have the best time ever! Now to get back to some positive thinking – Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows, Part 2, here we come!


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  1. Oh I just want to crawl through the computer and give you both hugs. I will be thinking of you both & hoping for an AMAZING movie experience! xo
    Calliope wrote this fabulous post..I am going to feed youMy Profile

  2. I am sending you, and your daughter, all the good vibes that I can. I hope hope hope, that you can go see the movie together. I know that I’m just a stranger, and that good vibes don’t mean much when facing chronic illnesses. But…. I hope they help. I’ll be thinking of you guys while I’m standing in line for my 12:03 show, and I’ll count my blessings, that I’m strong and well (and 27) and can go see this movie. 🙂

  3. I really hope that I will soon be reading a post about the awesome midnight movie experience you had together. If not, I know I will be reading about a mom and a daughter who are lucky to have each other to get through the not so fun times, and making the moments special no matter what.

  4. What a brave, and smart, and practical, little girl. My heart goes out to her, and you, and I hope you make it to your movie and it’s everything you hope it to be.
    robin wrote this fabulous post..I Can Haz Saint Bernard Puppy?My Profile

  5. That’s a really adult decision she made; you should be really proud of her. As to the movie itself, I’ve got my tickets for the midnight show, and I decided I wanted to go to the 3D version of it because, well, I know it’s going to be awesome! I am a major fan and I’ve been using the time between this movie and the previous one going back through all the books and watching all the movies again. Yeah, I’m so ready! lol

  6. Make your daughter’s week special! Send her a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter! You can send one from or you can make it yourself, but either way, the look on her face is going to be absolutely priceless. 🙂

  7. Sometimes kids are more mature and act more responsibly than we think. Hope the movie won’t disappoint. Have fun!

  8. That just put tears in my eyes. I am praying you and your daughter are able to go tonight. Also I hope you both have the time of your lives! xoxo
    Chele wrote this fabulous post..Growing UpMy Profile

  9. Poor girl. It breaks my heart that she is so aware at such a young age. XOXO
    mamikaze wrote this fabulous post..This mouth could buy me a carMy Profile