No More Skipping Meals For Me #under500

I’m starting to eat healthier with this first rule: No More Skipping Meals For Me. Skipping meals, mainly lunch has become a terrible habit. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m too busy, or too lazy to do something for myself, or too bored of the same old lunch foods, but it has to stop.  I need to work on changing my lifestyle and my first priority is what I eat.

When I Skip A Meal

When I’m hungry, I get tired and cranky and no one wants to be around me. Yes, skipping meals affects my outlook  on life. I lose my positivity. I get lazy. My mood swings go off the deep end. I don’t like myself much!

What’s worse, is that if I skip a meal, I either grab a snack, multiple snacks or eat a much bigger meal later on. The snacks I eat aren’t healthy either. They’re usually salty or sweet, and high in fat and calories. And the gorging on a big meal later is just plain gross (and unhealthy too). If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see my tweets that I forgot to eat, or I’m starving because I didn’t eat. And then I’m getting a big bowl of ice-cream, a bag of potato chips, chocolate cake, or devouring a pizza. Not fun to read about and even worse to see.

Marie Callender's Shrimp Scampi

A New Quick Choice For Meals

Marie Callender’s frozen meals are quick to make, so I can’t use the “I’m too busy” excuse. They’re easy to prepare, can’t say that I’m too lazy. There’s 34 varieties of meals that are under 500 calories to choose from so I won’t get bored. I chose the Shrimp Scampi, from the One Dish Entree section of Marie Callendar’s Under 500 Calorie Meals. It took about 5 minutes to prepare in the microwave and tasted like homemade. There’s only 380 calories too. There was a lot of shrimp and the garlic, butter sauce was delicious. Weird fact about me – even though I’m Italian and ate pasta at least two times per week growing up, I’m not a big spaghetti fan. But, the linguine used in the Shrimp Scampi is the perfect pasta for seafood meals and one that I enjoy. Marie Callender’s knows their stuff.

I have a supply of them in my freezer now and when I get the urge to skip a meal, even dinner, I now have a choice to make something that is low in calories, can fill me up and tastes so good.

What About You?

If you’re in the habit of skipping meals, what effects do you feel?

I’m working on a campaign with Marie Callender’s and TheMotherHood and received coupons for this meal and will receive a stipend for my work. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I have two daughters aged 3 and 5 and I am skipping the meals all the time.

  2. I think I need to try these. As a busy college student I have to sometimes make time for lunch myself and these sound good.
    Lindsay wrote this fabulous post..Kroger Cart Buster Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Yes! thanks for the review of these. Looks like I need to get a few and stick in the freezer. Now I just need some coupons!
    Kelli wrote this fabulous post..Do you consider yourself #frugal?My Profile

  4. As much as I know better, I tend to skip breakfast.

    • Unfortunately, so true for many others too. The best (healthiest) breakfast is oatmeal but something is better than nothing – unless it’s full of empty carbs or sugar or preservatives!

  5. I too am eating healthier.. I need to try out these meals.
    Cindy Schultz wrote this fabulous post..Weight Loss Wednesday-RecipeMy Profile

  6. Even though I know better I skip breakfast sometimes and by the end of the day Im moody and eating a lot more before bedtime than I should. Never fails.
    Shanaka wrote this fabulous post..Free FRESCHETTA By The Slice pizza event 8/4My Profile

  7. It’s controversial I know, but I often skip meals, usually breakfast. There is actually a lot of research that says it is quite alright to do it. After all, man was not designed for three square meals – I can’t imagine our hunter gatherer ancestors sticking to such a routine!

    • Actually, there’s a lot of research that states it’s healthier to eat smaller portions more frequently. A mid morning and mid afternoon snack really go far to help alleviate fatigue and assist one’s mental alertness. So long as those snacks are not junk food of course..

  8. such good advice. i often skip meals for various reasons. with yummy foods like these, there seems no reason to skip meals anymore (i mostly skip dinner)!
    pammypam wrote this fabulous post..Cleopatra Jones ain’t no ordinary catMy Profile

  9. Skipping meals has never brought any positive effects though more and more people do this for some reason. The most popular one is dieting. The results of this is always bad. What you said about having a planned meal is a great idea. The resource that you shared with us – Marie Callendar’s Under 500 Calorie Meals – seemed like a very good one. Thanks for sharing!
    royal palm yacht club wrote this fabulous post..Rob Siemens Joins "The Champagne & Parisi Team" of Lang RealtyMy Profile


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