Evaluation For Learning Disability Granted

It’s been a long time, but the school district has finally granted my daughter’s evaluation for a learning disability. It feels as if I’ve accomplished something amazing, which shouldn’t be the case. When a student is absent from school 53 days and a parent isn’t told about the Hospital Homebound program, or a student who normally gets A’s and B’s says she is struggling with her schoolwork and is getting D’s and F’s is ignored, something isn’t right.

You, Your Child and Special Education Dealing With the System BookThe School District Made Mistakes

When I did request an evaluation, it was unknown what my daughter’s problems were. At first, I didn’t get an reply to my request. After making phone calls, sending emails and writing letters, especially one that was a complaint to the state, a meeting was finally scheduled. I was told all of my daughter’s problems with school were due her being absent too many days. Yes, she was absent a great deal because of her health issues, so why didn’t anyone catch that much earlier and offer the services she needed? But, her doctor agreed that being taught from home would be the best thing for her, so the process began. It felt like I had been through a maze and was about to find my way out.

Homebound Teacher to the Rescue

When her Homebound teacher began working with Sammi, she noticed a number of problems that were either a form of dyslexia or a processing disorder. We spoke to the psychiatrist about this. He thought that since Sammi is intelligent, she was able to compensate for whatever the issue was, but now with the diagnosis of Narcolepsy, her excessive sleepiness, her difficulty focusing and concentrating wasn’t allowing her to compensate any longer.

Mom, the Advocate

The Homebound teacher attended the recent IEP meeting to determine if Sammi could get compensatory services over the summer. She voiced her concerns about Sammi’s problems with learning. The psychiatrist wrote a note about the need for testing. I had written my concerns down and spoke about them too. My role as advocate for daughter in the past had empowered me. I was determined to get the help my daughter needs.


Finally, with one phone call, the psycho-educational evaluation was granted! We also spoke about various methods to help Sammi get ready for the next school year. Depending on how she’s is doing with the sleepiness, she can have partial Homebound services. Things are set in place. And I have much better communication with her school too.

Resource: You, Your Child, and “Special” Education: A Guide to Dealing with the System

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