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Dora’s Bath Time Playset from Mega Bloks is a creative toy for children 3 years and up. Made up of 23 pieces, this Mega Block set will provide hours of pretend play.

Dora Bath Time Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks has come out with another Dora the Explorer building set. Along with the bath tub and vanity you’ll find all kinds of accessories to help Dora get washed up, her hair done and dressed. Dora is included with 2 different skirts. She’s called a Build and Dress Dora. Lots of fun for just one child to play with, but more can join in too. Add another Mega Bloks set, especially a Dora one and watch the smiles grow.

There’s so many options for this playset. Only your child’s imagination holds the boundaries. Setting up, taking apart and moving the Mega Bloks around helps develop fine motor skills. Dora’s Bath Time Playset is a great example of an eductainment toy because of the learning benefits that can be gained from playing with it.

Playing with Dora Mega Bloks

I shared Dora’s Bath Time set with my friend’s children. As soon as they saw Dora on the box, they were excited. After opening the box for them, they were able to set up the playset with very little help, just using the picture on the box as their guideline. The girls pretended to give Dora a bath, to brush and blow dry her hair and to take pick a flower for her. They imagined that she was going out for the day, so she needed to change her skirt too.

Build and Dress Dora

You just need to see the smiles and looks of determination on the girls’ faces in the photos to see how much fun they were having. Available at Kmart, Target and Walmart for the MSP of $14.99. Also available on

The Mega Bloks Family Club offers coupons, discounts and information about Mega Bloks, including when new toys are coming out.

Dora Bath Time Playset by Mega Bloks provided by Team Mom for my review. All opinions are my own.


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